Monday, January 26, 2009

If that's moving up then I'm, moving out...

Billy Joel.  Stuck in my head.

And there is no deep meaning behind it.  Its just a song.  Stuck in my head.  Coco Cabana was once stuck in my head for over a year.  That was a long year - but I now have a weird appreciation for Barry Manilow.  Anyone who can write a song about their dog and get the world to think it's a love song about a woman - that scored lots of points in my book.
And then there's Neil Diamond and the whole Caroline Kennedy thing... yeah... creepy.

Moving on...

Thanks.  I don't know how to comment back on one of these, plus most of the people I know that follow these either email, message or text me about what I've said.  My favorite are posts when I beyond lose my mind, the next day I start getting phone calls and texts and emails.  
"So I read your blog..."
It's okay guys!  The gun isn't loaded!  I just like the feeling of the cold steal against my temple! Couldn't afford the bullets anyway!  

JOKING!  I'm to freaking pigheaded to do something like that.  A little insight on how my brain works.  I figure there is someone out there that might be a little happier if I was gone (possibly a certain ex husband) and we just can't have that now can we?  Spite.  It does the body good!  

Hows that go?  Builds your bones so you can grow!

So my day was pretty bland.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  Between baby issues, a cat that hates the baby and is showing us that by pissing all over the place, job issues, this stupid ass weather and other things I don't talk about in public - bland is a nice thing!  
It must have been a semi good day - It's already midnight!  That means it went fast! (faster than your mom!  Now THAT'S fast!  ZING!)

My tooth does hurt.  I'm assuming, until I get the $750 crown, it'll hurt - which pisses me off.  You know what's funny?  I have about 1,000 reasons as to why we'll never have another kid.  Money.  House too small.  Huge bump on my lower back that's been there for 4 months.  Pissing matches.  And there is the whole body thing too.  

I'm vain.  Screw you.  

My teeth are screwed up.  My back is screwed up.  My tail bone still hurts from time to time.  And then I think of people I knew who were one of 10, 11, and 12.  
I should have had them just remove all of it but the fun stuff... 
And to think there are certain cultures that just get rid of the fun stuff and leave everything else... you crazy! YOU A CRAZY PERSON!

In a perfect world.  
I wouldn't still feel crazy.  
I really WOULD get what I want when I want it. (which includes all things your dirty little minds are thinking of)
I would have a nanny that could watch my kid at night so I could go out more.  Not to drink, just to go out.

In a perfect world.
I'd be insanely wealthy.
Be able to eat brownies every day and not worry about the consequences.
I wouldn't be lactose intolerant.
And someone would bring me a piece of key lime pie - right now.

In a perfect world...
I'd never get depressed
never ever
and I'd smile all the time
to the point it annoyed people
and that would make me smile even wider

In a perfect world... 
It would be warm right now
I wouldn't feel superstitious over weird thing like matching tattoos, the words "best friends" or writing down peoples birthdays

In a perfect world...
EVERY day would be either Halloween, Mardi Gras or a good mixture of the two
I'd be able to dance and not feel like I'm retarded - sorry... "special"

In a perfect world being PC wouldn't exist.

In a perfect world...
I'd have my cake and eat it too, and I'd savor ever freaking second of it
BSG would be on ever day
My son would sleep through the night
I'd be in Barbados

In a perfect world...
I'd be able to smoke as much as I want to and not hurt anyone including myself
and I'd have my pick of porters and stouts when I wanted them - with my key lime pie - right now...

did I mention the sleep through the night thing?
OR at least for 6 hours straight...

EVERY time the heat kicks on I hear him groan... and his bed isn't even by the damn vent!  I MOVED IT!  AND closed the vents... 

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick... HE WON'T GO BACK TO SLEEP!  Which means I'm done...

Oh, one more.
In a perfect world - I'd stop trying to make my world perfect.

nothing is

it's stinker time!

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