Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Late night pondering leads to minor brain malfunction...

I hate blame.
I think people (including myself) pass the blame in order to make themselves seem something more than they are.  Once again, including myself.
I have no idea why that popped into my head.  I'm sitting here looking at an art deco print of a bi-plane - forever decorating my house... once I'm done I'll have to start right back over.


But anyway, I just started thinking about that.  I hate when I pass the buck because in the end it's just me coping out on the reality of the situation.  So I hate blame.
It's annoying.
So are any one that goes door to door to ask for money when it's below zero outside,
people who feel the need to read off the gas price every time they pass a gas station,
weak coffee, or people at coffee houses that only give you a half cup of coffee because that can't fathom that I might just want to drink coffee and not 2 gallons of milk...
Oh, and Lex.  My cat.  Whom I never had the chance to drug tonight... (never name a pet after an evil villain... why am I shocked that Lex Luthor the cat is on meds...)
AND the fact I forgot Ender's Game was being turned into a comic and now I'm 2 issues behind.


I should go back to decorating my house... 
If it was warm I'd just go sit on my porch... I need a winter home in Australia.  I also need to get to the store, sleep and think of a soup for dinner tomorrow... I'm thinking beans, kale, mini-cheese ravioli and maybe veggie meatballs... oooooo!  With freshly grated parm and a little salt and pepper... I think I just figured out dinner!

So what did we learn tonight?  Blame sucks.  You can't blame people for the choice you made in  your life.  It's lame.  Especially when it's me.  Because I'm vain and think I'm extremely more special than the average person!  
Yes.  I'm hopped up on coffee again.

But what else is new?  Well, outside of the (I wanna say) Mayor of Pittsburgh changing his name to Sunday's Steelers - Ravens game.

I hate the Ravens, but I suddenly hope they win.
(I received my ticket to hell circa 1989)

~The End

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