Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Xander, Peter Pan and caramel brownies

I'm sitting here mainly to listen and make sure my son is asleep.  Something is up with him and we can't seem to put our finger on it.  We think he's allergic to something in his room, which means tomorrow I get to empty out his room - again.

Sadly, this time most things won't be coming back in.  

In the up coming months we're going to need to re-decorated.  I know, every mans dream, but I always tell my hubby I'll do it on my own and then he insists - especially when it comes to painting.  "It's my job..." I know.  That's why I offer to do it at home, so you don't have to.  

Never works.

But the reason I want to re decorate is to put a mural on the wall or something.  With removing all the books and stuffed animals - (the books because a lot of them are from my and my husband's childhood - which means they're old and have been sitting in an attic/basement for about 20 years - that could mean mold)
At least with a mural on the wall it won' t look like the kid lives in a sanitarium.  

At one time we were discussing doing comic strip panels around the room and maybe do up the entire wall with a scene - but then we get into the "Spiderman v Batman" argument... 
Maybe we should just go with Captain America or something... I know Batman is a bit dark - but he's the freaking BATMAN!  

Anyway, I feel bad for my boy.  I swear, every time he gets a little better something else happens.  He's only 15 1/2 weeks - so nearly 4 months - and he's been congested since he was about 2 weeks, allergic to dairy, allergic to something in his room which triggered the eczema - then the cold weather made the eczema even worse so he has socks on his hands...

and did I mention his stinky feet?  It's insane!  Nothing that small should have feet that smell THAT BAD!  But he does!  And no, that doesn't stop me from playing with them.  Everyday I kiss his heels and say, "You're feet smell!"  And then pretend they're a phone.  Ahh... before Xander I was just a bit "crazy" but now!  With a child involved!  I'm a good mom playing with her son!  I need to make this last as long as I can...

Because one day

He'll be grown up

and I'll be the crazy lady again...

Until then!  I am on a quest to find a chest that looks like a treasure chest.  My parents had one when I was growing up.  Maybe I should just ask them if I can have it.  I was planning on turning our attic into a hideaway for me - but then, as I was watching Peter Pan for the billionth time yesterday - I decided I wanted to make it into a super cool play room for Xan.  And yes, I'll still go hide up there and write.  But when I'm not - I want to have a chest, a treasure chest up there filled with toys.

I want him to understand that the reason his mom is the crazy lady is because she refuses to grow up.  And while she might not be as crass as Peter Pan - she still thinks she's the most clever one of all!

Gotta find me some food! (that's where the caramel brownies come in...)

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