Thursday, February 19, 2009

19 Weeks, movies and drinking like its my job

Being the person I am, I signed up for every email known to man about having a baby when I was pregnant. At this point I no longer know why I did it. Maybe it was to help me through those times, reading stories from other women who had been there, see what my baby was doing...

At times it was hard. Especially around this time last year. We had a bit of a scare that led us to the emergency room to make sure the little one was doing ok. (you lose one suddenly you think you're going to lose all of them...) But alas, he was fine and now... he'll be 19 WEEKS! (meaning nearly 5 months old)

So these news letters... you'd think they'd stop. But they don't. Once again not necessarily a bad thing. I still get to read stories and quotes from women who have been where I'm at before me. It's reassuring to hear how other babies have done the same thing - gives you that sense of "~sigh~ Thank GOD my kid is normal" kinda thing. But sometimes I just sit here and laugh.

"Don't leave your baby in the car on a hot day" <- you're that person who thinks bringing electrical appliance into a body of water is a good idea, aren't you?

or one of my favorites that my husband and I laughed about for a bit,
"Our baby is 4 months old and we just had sex for the first time..."
Who the HELL waits 4 months?
Divorce papers would be in the works if we had waited 4 months.
We barely waited 4 weeks.
I told the husband that if there ever is a "next time" he can be the one that carries it, because I will not be waiting 4 anything...

But alas - I'm just going to find a back alley doctor to tie up my tubes so that later in life Lifetime can make a special about me. It'll have something to do with the fact that I should have just embraced having lots of kids and not done something so stupid as getting my tubes tied... Why do I watch Lifetime again? Oh, that's right. I just watch it at Christmas - because Falalala Lifetime is funny to me.
Just like Dick Van Dyke
And Freak Shows...

So I finished Goya's Ghost and the jury is still out. I probably shouldn't have deleted it and have watched it a second time. Most times I don't have issues with open ended stories, but at the same time, it really wasn't open ended... Not like Musa the Warrior - that just fell the hell apart. Or Curse of the Golden Flower. (sometimes just because it's an interesting historical story doesn't mean you should make it into a movie. It just might NOT translate very well - neither of those did. But they were pretty, but Asian films are now aren't they? Even Sympathy for Lady Vengeance was pretty - if not disturbing.)
Anyway, the acting was wonderful in Goya's Ghost, but I suppose since Inquisition Spain really has never been my thing... that might have something to do with it. I should watch that history special tonight so I can feel like I learned something...

I have yet to watch Burn After Reading, Rocknrolla or Walk Hard - oh netflix - how I'm ignoring you for my new found love of Showtime... Ondemand Showtime at that! Ondemand rocks. My brain should be mush by spring and that's only a small bit away!

Maybe I should stop ignoring the world... start reading news papers again... I don't know, the jury is still out on that one too. I'm tired of hearing/reading about all the pressure people are putting on Obama to clean up a mess that has been building in this country for nearly a decade. No one seems to realize that this isn't something that can be fixed over night and there are no magic words. The first time that man fails at something (and they all do - you freaking Kennedy was God lovers, it was called the Bay of Pigs) everyone is going to go insane and start reporting about how he's bad.
News media tends to irk me. The general masses just take it. They believe everything they're told even if it comes from a movie. I remember when Titanic came out, I was working at the book store and this guy came in and started discussing the movie with me. Telling me how great it was. I said sure outside of the inaccuracies of how the boat actually sank, it was fine and he became extremely mad a me, because evidently James Cameron is an authority in the specifics of sinking ships. (Ha! just like his career) Whatever... it annoys me. Don't believe everything you see and read, mostly newspapers, newsblogs, and television want ratings so they'll tell you what they need to so you tune in.

Maybe I should try to sell you that set of steak knives?

Oh how I'm prickly like a cactus... Oh how I love me some good propaganda and to watch people who think they're being told the truth...
Oh how I'm jaded and like to immerse myself in to fictitious lands and wrap myself in movies so I can pretend the real world isn't there - even though I know it is because that law firm keeps calling and the gas prices keep fluctuating and the economy is in the pisser... But I'll just keep listening to Day & Age (still stuck on Dustland Fairytale)
I did have another song stuck in my head for a second yesterday - "Teenage Love Song" by Rilo Kiley. Ever seen Married with Children? That song is about Bud. Miss Jenny Lewis gave up her "flower" to him and according to the song, it ended poorly.

Just like giving up your virginity normally does...

Now go watch some TV and listen to some sweet music and know that in two days - this Saturday - I'm going to a wedding shower / bachelorette party and that means I'll probably be very, VERY, very hungover on Sunday...

Babies and hangovers

just like two virgins trying to figure it out...
At least with the hangover some advil will make it better.

And this is me - blogging in day light!


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  1. Walk Hard was decent...a few good moments

    hope you like it