Friday, February 27, 2009

Another nerdy friday night with BSG, comic books and fantasizing about... ;)

In the middle of the night, when the moon is full, the light streaks through the curtains into my living room.  I find myself studying it, staring at it, like at some point its going to answer me - let me in on some secret that I've been dying to know.

I find I do the same with car head lights... watching the shadows dance across the walls and ceiling as I sit in the dark doing nothing but watching.

I talk about how I think too much.
That is not a lie.  I do.
I never thought it was weird until I got older and people started reacting to my overly worked out thought process.  Same thing with dreams.  I didn't realize that some people didn't dream how I did.

I'm sure it means something.
Well, I'm sure it means something to someone out there at some college attempting to get their PhD in psychology.
But to me... they're just dreams.

I over analyze so many things in my life that I tend to leave my dreams alone.  I don't think that they are prophetic, not even a little bit.  And I think you can control your dreams as much as you want to.  I do it all the time... except sex dreams - I can't seem to conjure sex dreams at will.  I wish I could... now THAT would be fun.
But in the end I think that they are just dreams, they are just things we want to happen, anxieties that we need to let out.

But sometimes I don't think at all.  I just sit there and do nothing.
It makes me long for the days when I thought smoking in doors was ok, because I'm sure I'd just sit there and smoke and stare and veg...

From 10pm (sometimes 9pm) till I go to sleep is my time and I love it.  I love every second of it.  Sometimes I sit on here for hours, or I watch a movie, write, draw, bake, make sweet, sweet love to myself... sneak outside for a cigarette... workout... 
Its a bizarre freedom that was thrusted upon me because of Xan sleeping more and more.  Some nights I too, around 2, go to sleep... but I hate sleeping on the couch so nights like tonight - I won't.  

It's nice every once in a while not thinking at all.

Tonight's plan is to get caught up on over a years worth of comic books.  It's a tall order but there are only 5 titles so I think I'll get through most of them.  
Fast reader.
Coraline?  Read it in an hour and a half.  161 pages.
I would love the superpowers of invisibility and teleportation - but no - I can read fast. 
It's probably for the best... If I could turn myself invisible and teleport anywhere I wanted too I'd just get myself into lots and lots of trouble... :)

You know what I was thinking about earlier?
Crows feet
I think that they are very sexy
A man with crows feet by his eyes and laugh lines by his mouth - those are two sexy, sexy things...

But tonight I'm thinking about nothing
Well, nothing related to me

and the nerdfest will begin - NOW!

yes - another nerdy Friday night on my couch 

~good night

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