Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Darlin', darlin', darlin'...

I love pet names, I do, I do, I do.
But I try not to use them often.  I find they offend some, I even had one person tell me to stop it all together... I can respect that, but in my head they are still there.

Sweet heart
Sweet pea
Doll face

and on and on
The more I like you, the more pet names I have for you.  They're never meant to be condescending not in the least, they're meant to be endearing.  
And honestly, what else would you expect from someone who is obsessed with words?  I love to use words to riddle and ride and dance around things and people.  I love when they have a certain texture and sound or even how they feel rolling around in my mouth.  Dancing on my tongue.
So yes, sweet heart, I love them to death.

I could even go as far as to say I find them sexy.
Words I mean.
I think being able to weave a web around someone, caress them, touch them without ever doing more than saying a few things is a glorious lurid thing.

Like a winter wind - how it cuts through you.  
So perfectly that you can feel it right down to your bones.

But like I said, people find it condescending.

I should come with a warning:
  Likes to cuss, drink, spread around a little sarcasm and use pet names for all.
  Hand wash in hot water - tumble dry... 
  Handle with care

It would probably save the world a whole lot of time.  But then again, we should all come with warning labels that would save us ALL a bunch of time.  Just walk up to the person, look at their little warning tag and then go - "Well, it would have been nice getting to know you, but I'm not in the mood for clingy just now."

Ah... but since we've been over how labeling isn't a good thing...  plus, I like to think there is more to people than the one thing they did that burned me.  (this would explain being burned multiple times by the same person... I'm a champ!)  But in a way that's is what those pet names I use are - at least to me.  They are a summation of how I see you in my minds eye.  My very own definitions of the people I care about...  So, sweet heart, please don't take it to heart, at least not in a bad way.  I'm only saying it cuz I care so much. ;)

Today I fell back into my lovely world of Rancid again.  It's the weather, warming up outside - love it!  I drove around for a little bit after work listening to the Rancid NOFX split, smoking cigarettes and singing at the top of my lungs.

Sounds and smells...  so many memories attached to them.  So many things in general... 

The right smell... and my heart will be pounding in my chest.

Music, the perfect scent, and the right words - pinch me

So I listened to the disk a couple times and landed on "Radio" (originally on a 7" EP of theirs and then on Let's Go) but in this case sung by NOFX in a very fine reggae vibe.

...Never fell in love until I fell in love with you, never knew what a good times was until I had a good time with you, when you wanna get the feeling and you wanna get it right than the musics got to be loud, for when the music hits, I feel no pain at all...

I once had breakfast on the corner of 52nd and Broadway... (it wasn't good)
Rancid is home for me...
...just like words
...just like pet names

So, doll face, I'll leave you with this... 

" it is!  Here I am!  Turn it up fucking loud!
Radio. Radio. Radio.
When I got the music, I got a place to go..."

Because it's so very, very true

Sweet dreams luv
~good night~

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