Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday and pretty, pretty shoes!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday... well it was for a moment.  The Cardinals lost - as I'm sure you very well know by now.  Honestly I didn't watch most of the game.  Once it was determined that the Super Bowl would be the Cardinals v Steelers I just pretty much didn't care.

I saw most of the first quarter, slept through the second, halftime (which I was told was hard to watch... it's been a bad few weeks for the Boss.  First Walmart and now this...) and part of the third and watched the fourth.  Yes, it was a good game.  You have to admit it.  It was exciting till the end.  I mean, I can't say in the past few months I've seen a game where one of the teams scored with 52 seconds on the clock.   Add to that the controversy in my house, yes I told my husband the Steelers would win a few weeks ago to piss him off.  He started it... telling people that I was a Ravens fan... 

For the record - I am neither a Ravens nor Steelers fan.  But when the Ravens PLAY the Steelers I will root for the Steelers.  Sorry.  I don't fricken care.  I hate Baltimore.  They whined and bitched and moaned when they lost the fricken Colts, "Oh, how can they do that to us!"  And then they took our fricken team.  And DO NOT give me the "It was Art" speech.  I've lived in Ohio my entire life.  I was there.  You can suck it.
Say what you will about the Steelers, but you have to admit that they're not what's annoying.  It's the lame ass Cleveland fans that jump ship and toss on black and yellow the second things get tough.  Makes me want to punch 'em in the face.  
Apathetic morons.
Whatever happen to loyalty?  
What are you going to do in September when we have a whole new everything and we can't figure out our asses from our foreheads?  Because that's what's going to happen.  And we're all going to get pissed again and we're gonna bitch and moan and complain.  

I think I liked life better when I just ignored sports.  That's a lie, I think I liked life better when I was a closeted sports fan and the only sports I watched were soccer, hockey and boxing... And I only ever watched them alone... The husband hates baseball so that never really happens and since its summer I just do the ESPN highlight thing.

Moving on.  And to bring back my girl card.
I just bought the cutest pair of shoes!  Now it just needs to warm up a bit so that I can wear them... 4 1/2" stilettos and snow aren't friends.
Just another reason I need to move someplace warm.

Seriously though.  One day I'll be able to afford the shoes I really want, but I was informed that if the shoes cost more than our mortgage I shouldn't buy them... oh Target... please keep up your good knockoff job!
If only you'd start making Alexander McQueen and Giuseppe Zanotti knockoffs... 
It's a hard knock life... Guess Steve Madden knockoffs will have to do... 

One last Super Bowl comment... (Madden) how many times do you think he said "penetrate" in the 4th?  There is nothing better than a man being able to penetrate the open hole... 

He's right.  There isn't.

Oh John Madden - you should write erotica - about Brett Favre and Ben Roethlisberger...

~The End


  1. "Oh John Madden - you should write erotica - about Brett Favre and Ben Roethlisberger..."

    that's funny sh!t.

  2. You have to agree with me, right? Sometimes he says stuff and I just look at my husband who just shrugs at me - 'cause neither of us really know what to say...