Thursday, February 5, 2009

I might just do it tonight... the whole bash my head against the wall thing...


My son slept for nearly four hours!  And I thought!  GO ME! 
And then he woke up, an hour ago... so here I am letting him fuss himself back to sleep.  And yes, that means this blog will probably take me about 2 hours to write.  Hey!  But where's the fun in just writing a quick blog?!  

So, song for the night 0f Mel Carter - "Hold me, Thrill me Kiss me"
(and for kicks - 1993 "Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me" B-Movie.  It is SADLY not available on Netfilx, but if you get a chance to see it.  Its soo bad, it might be good.  Maybe)

Anyway.  This wasn't the song that I had stuck in my head all day.  I actually had David Bowie stuck in my head earlier, but then two things happened.  I danced with my boy (ok, fine, I was rocking him to sleep, but when I do that I sing in my head) and (please bare with me) PS I Love You.

[so you know I am not delinquent when my child is involved he has been fed a bottle, changed, lotioned and medicated... yet still all I hear is "ah!  ah!  ah!" that means he is currently punching himself in the face because his cheeks itch... must apply more lotion...]

So, I was talking to my sister earlier about that movie, PS I Love You, after we had a discussion about The Reader.  She said was told it was great.  I told her to pick up a movie called "Two Sisters" (which I later found out was called Twin Sisters or De Tweeling - its a Dutch movie) both are WWII flicks.  So, she tells me again to check out The Reader, that its better than the book - which is VERY rare in my opinion.  And then PS I Love You comes up.  It is on ALL THE TIME!  I was recently told it makes chicks cry and tell their men folk they love them.  I have no urge to see it.  I didn't when it was in the theater.  I didn't when I read about the making of it and how it was fast tracked because of some hoity toity "princess" or some crap.  And I don't now.
I don't much care for this type of movie.  Just like I don't care for Valentine's Day.  Just like I hate that other stupid made up holiday in October.  Just like I don't like jewelry commercials that insinuate the only way to get a woman to love you comes in the form of a rock.  Love is not gauged in carats.

[4 hours and now he's acting like a crazy man - twinkle, twinkle little star is now playing - fingers crossed that its magic will work]

As I was saying.  Its not my thing, but every now and then I over think this sort of thing. (I know! Me over think something... weird...) Shouldn't I like that shit?  I'm a girl right?  Let me check - yup, all the parts are in place.  And then I think - okay, I do like some romantic comedy's, "Strictly Ballroom" "The Waitress" "The Mummy" <- seriously, it's a romantic comedy... But I still question it.  Shouldn't I think J-Lo is awesome?  Shouldn't I have wanted to see Twilight?  Shouldn't I have Kate Hudson's face tattooed on my butt?
Add to that the fact I've been turning off my emotions lately.  (as spelled out in prior melt downs, 6 months of debilitating self esteem makes me shut down...) Thats when I knew, I have to do it... So I did it.  I turned on PS I Love you... 

didn't make it a minute...

Ever seen Hot Fuzz?  LOVE IT!  So I sent the Husband a text.  "Tried to watch PS I Love You.  Currently watching Hot Fuzz"
I received a "LOL" text - my reply
"Baby.  Please don't die on horse back in the middle of a gun fight, whilst mocking Point Break in a small British Village!"

My sister told me she had no urge to see that movie. (PS)  That it looked predictable and that if she was going to spend the $10 (she lives in cali) she was going to see something worth while - like The Reader.  I thanked her.  I, in all honesty, just wanted another woman to tell me they didn't want to see it or if they did see it that they hated it.  

A sigh of relief! 

[do you hear that?  Twinkle, twinkle little star!  Best song ever!  The urchin sleeps...]

And then I had the song jump into my head.  Actually, after Bowie I had Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me pop into my head and then it intermingled with A Fine Romance (this is a very old song I learned as a child from watching Fred Astaire movies) and Tears on My Pillow (Little Anthony & the Imperials) - but my head settled on Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me because of the baby dancing.

Kiss me, Kiss me
And when you do I know that you will miss me, miss me
If we ever say adieu so kiss me, kiss me
Make me tell you I'm in love with you...


When you take me in your arms and drive me slowly out of my mind...

I do like romance, in a very subtle way.  I like the little things, like when I went to Cali to visit my sister back in 05 when I got home our apartment was covered in candles and husband was waiting with flowers - it was 85 out.  Or last year, when I was 10,000 months pregnant and he took me to the viking store at Legacy Village.  Or when I forget things and I find them in my purse because he knows.  That's what I love.

...they told me be sensible with your new love
don't be fooled thinking this is the last you'll find
but they never stood in the dark with you love
when you take me in your arms and drive me slowly out of my mind... 

So, in closing.
If I go see a movie it had best be worth the money - and epic like Lord of the Rings or Iron Man - I'll even go it alone when I want to be alone and see something my husband deems bad.  

If you want a movie that speaks of love - Twin Sisters.  Two girls separated in Holland pre WWII - one marries a Jew, the other marries a German solider.  They find each other and trying to reconnect (Hold Me)

OR if you want one that sends you on a ride for your life - Dirty Carnival, its Korean (I swear I like American movies) its about a low level mob guy in Korea who is trying to take care of his family (Thrill Me)

And if you really want romance The Age of Innocence (Kiss Me)

[He still sleeps, it is one am]

and you take me in your arms and drive me slowly out of my mind...

-good night

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