Sunday, February 15, 2009

Movie, music and other stuff

And your movie for tonight, "The Visitor"
I'm not sure if its nominated or not, I think it was nominated for something at the Golden Globes, I don't remember... But any way.  Good movie - if you're into political movies.

I saw three movies this weekend - Feds (remember that one?  1988.  Rebecca De Mornay.  My husband told me he went to see it in the theater because he thought she might get naked.  Sad news for the husband... sad news indeed.)  I also watched Enchantment (Yes.  I know.  I don't care, it was cute and my boy likes the music - so you can suck it) and then The Visitor.  

Next up!  Burn After Reading.  Yes, that is what I'm going to do after this.  I SHOULD go write, but the blank pages is causing me to sweat... I'm lame.  I'm good at excuses.  Very good, in fact.  If I was paid for excuses I'd be rich.  

Anyway, I was told Burn After Reading is funny and I think it's only about and hour and a half long.  Who knew someone could make a movie in this day and age that's not 3 hours long?  I mean, if its good that's one thing but most times ( *cough* Kevin Costner movies *cough*) not so much.  (my butt still hurts from Dancing with Wolves, and it's been 19 years - and Water World... they should use that as a means to extract information from suspected terrorists.  Oh, they'll talk!  And if they don't... "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves")
But then again, some movies that are that long aren't so bad.  The Dark Knight was awesome and that was well over 2 hours.

Out side of that, the only thing I've seen in the past few days is "Baby Einstein's Baby Mozart"  my son LOVES it.  And by LOVES it I mean, it could be worse, he could like Barney but for now we get to listen to Mozart playing in the background as Xan stares all wide-eyed at the television.  As it turns out, there are a few things that he will just sit quietly and watch.  Baby Mozart, Football, Soccer and Hockey.  Now... Gangland - that documentary series on the History Channel, no, he hates that.  And just when I was learning about the Hells Angels v the Pagans in Philly... 


Oh how I jest... (once again.  not barney.  I should zip it)

I have no music for you today.
I didn't even leave the house, even for a second.  I put on pants only because my bro-in-law stopped by.  The moment he left, back in my p.j.s.

Tomorrow I'm sure I'll have something.  For now, I have Mozart.  I suppose there is nothing wrong with that.  Most times when I listen to classical I move towards heavier pieces... I don't think I've sat and listen to Mozart or even Beethoven in years.  I get on these kicks with Rachmaninoff, Grieg and Vivaldi and then I don't listen to any other composers...
When I was taking piano lessons, my teacher was obsessed with rag time music, so when I started to learn about classical I just found things either in movies (good example would be Shine and Rachmaninoff) and then I had this wonderful customer who would bring me burnt CDs.  (perks of working in the mall.  I also had a customer who would come in and teach me a new word in Egyptian each week because he swore I was Egyptian - no matter how many times I explain I was not.  Not even a little) 
But while I can't remember one word the man taught me in Egyptian, I have a vast love for piano concertos and classical music in general.  

Other things I learned from customers whilst working in retail for too many years:
-  If you work in a bookstore, chances are your customers assume you've read every book you carry... and get really pissed off when you state that you haven't.
-  More then one customer can be given the name "the mad wacker" for different reasons
-  That Vegas should open a Klingon Themed Casino because people would go
-  That I look Lebanese and when I say I'm not, people will speak to me in Lebanese and then get pissed when I don't respond - probably because I'm... not... Lebanese  
-  That mall security is just there to "look pretty" cuz when you call them to escort the Klingon guy out of your store, they do nothing.
-  13 year old boys think all women find wine coolers to be exciting and will offer to steal you some if you sell them a pocket knife

and so much more!

But alas, I left retail many a moon ago, and now I work in an industry that requires background checks.  Let me tell you about the man that got 954 years in prison for, you guessed it!  Murder.  He got out in 15.

OUR LEGAL SYSTEM ROCKS! (and I don't suggest ever moving to Mansfield - or any other town that is wrapped around a prison)

But anyway, I'm off... 

good night.

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