Monday, February 9, 2009

My day... by ME!

It went like this...
Went to be around 4ish, but slept on the couch from about 2 till then... so I went and crashed out, which too longer than I would have like - it was nearly 5 the last time I looked at the clock.
I go to sleep and have happy dreams, and I mean just good dreams, not happy "HAPPY" dreams... 
So I wake up at 8, and then at 9 and then about every 15 minutes until I couldn't take it any more and just got out of bed around 10 something.

AT&T recently installed U-verse in our area so we decided to drop Cox (because they're over priced and I hate them with a passion that is in comparison to all 7 levels of Dante's inferno) The cable guy is supposed to be at our place around noon - that's why I'm home - so I start to clean.

Well, first I make my 6 cups of "lets get this day started" coffee.  Eat a banana, some vanilla yogurt and make my way up stairs to the good ole computer.  
Check my email
Check facebook - some jerk killed me in Mob Wars... so I put a hit on  him... jerk.
Start messaging my friend about getting drinks tomorrow.
I run back downstairs and remember that I should take my vitamins - so I do.  I grab some water and make it back upstairs.  Drop off the coffee and then head to the bathroom - I wanted to weigh myself, this is something I try to do once a week since I've been trying to lose weight - I don't normally do it, weight myself that is, because I just don't want to know...
But I do - it's been a while and my clothing feels weird.
114 lbs...
This leads me to come on here and start blogging about it.  I got 3 lines in and then suddenly I felt super hot.  You know that feeling, that terrible feeling you get right before you vomit.  Your mouth fills with saliva, you get light headed and hot and then dizzy?  So yeah, I threw up.
NO freaking idea why.

It was about 15 minutes till noon and I wasn't sure if I should contact at&t or what so I turned off the computer, and laid on the couch.

It was a fluke.  Personally I think it was because I just started taking these B Complex vitamins (per a doctors request...) But at that point I'm all paranoid.  I don't want to have the flu with a 4 month old in the house.  It was bad enough getting food poisoning 2 times when I was pregnant... 

So now I'm sitting downstairs waiting for the AT&T guy, praying I don't get sick, listening to two of my cats trying to kill each other.  

TV guy shows up - we now have the new cable. 

Nothing ever came of it.  Actually, once the little one was home I forgot about it, until I started dumping hotsauce into our dinner fixings - but I was okay... So I'm off the stupid B Complex.  Its supposed to help me with something because I won't murder innocent animals and consume their flesh... lame.  I take a multi-vitamin, Omega 3 (flax seed oil, not fish) and some extra C.  

And yes, the flax seed oil is so I have a shiny coat.

So that was my day.  And now, before I let you go I have a story for the Beeze.  You made me think of this when I read your blog.

Back in the late 90s I worked at Borders in Westlake.  Which meant I met a lot of local celebrities, and some national. (Meat Loaf, Emeril Lagasse).  As for local I met nearly every news caster in the area - including one that liked to come in near close wearing sun glasses and a trench coat so no one would recognize him... at 11pm... in sunglasses... GO FOX 8 NEWS!
I also had the privlage to meet some sport figures, but back in the late 90s I could have cared less and if it hadn't been for their size I wouldn't have known they were on any team at all.
So in walks this guys - he's of average size, clean cut hair, white suit, the whole 9 yards if you will.  He comes up to the register that I'm working on and sets down some magazines and then starts hitting on me.  
I get this slimy vibe from him so I just slip into bitch mode - especially when he tries to touch me.  All I can think is "Screw You!"  So I pretty much throw his magazines at him and push him out the door.
I then go smoke with one of my co-workers and tell him the story.  All pissed off.  Thinks he can touch my face and I'm pretty sure he was there with some other woman - who does he think he is! 
My friend ask what he looks like.  I tell him...
Then what they guy bought.  I tell him that too...
He starts laughing.
It was Many Ramirez 

The urchin is screaming.  Have a good night!


  1. Man Ram...Nice...e could have knocked you up and ditched you too...That was his M.O.

    Great post, even before Manny was a douche...Ha!

  2. It turned out he hit on nearly every chick at work that day... lol... and THANKS!