Friday, February 20, 2009

Rocking out like its 2003...

Dream a little dream is a song from my past.  I mentioned it last night because sometimes it does get stuck in my head.  I am a huge fan of Mr. Louis Armstrong, but my favorite song of his is actually La Vie En Rose.  That song melts my heart.

A million years ago when I managed a nature store (yes, educational things, rocks and such) we were allowed to listen to certain thing, lapping water on a brook, Enya, Sade and as time went on Louis Armstrongs Greatest hits.  

Enter La Vie En Rose.

Dream A Little Dream came from that time too.  A woman, or maybe a girl - we were very young - used to sing that song all the time.  Granted, she was familiar with the Mama Cass version, but still - the songs integrity is intact with both musicians.  

Later we were allowed to listen to things by Puto Mayo - which is "world music".  I remember many a day singing along to Waltzing Matilda... in Swahili... funny enough I could sing the whole song.  Not so much any more... 
Then they introduced Motown's Greatest Hits, which was wonderful and finally many of those "Century" greatest hits albums... You know the ones.  They cost about ten buck and they are bordered in Silver.

The Mama's and the Papa's (whom my husband HATES) was one that my staff and I listened to all the time.  We got to the point that we could sing the songs, in harmony, as we cleaned and shelved.  It was funny because people would comment, "You guys sound really good!"
"Thank you ma'am!  After 40 hours of singing the SAME SONGS over and over... " how could we not?

That is also where I met my husband.
That woman, or girl, was friends with him.  He needed extra money - I needed a stock boy.  It was 2000 - eons ago.  I barely saw him.
He worked nights and I didn't.
We met once or twice, because I was his boss - paperwork.  And later because we are both writers...

So a very long story short, he went through a break up - I went through a divorce and we started dating.... 

My love of music and this new sudden change in my life made me want, or even need, new things.  So after dating for nearly a year I admitted to him, one thing I wish I had always done was start a band.  He told me to go for it - he was in a band, he knew a lot of musicians - I should talk to them... so I did...

In February of 2003 I cut my first album (if you can really call it that) in my new band "The F-Bombs"  Punk Rock at it's best.  We even had stage names, that lasted maybe 6 months... After a bunch of change ups we played our first show in late 2003 at the Symposium... that place was our home for a long while.
It was a November - I remember because Rancid was in town and we got bleed off from the show.  I was hung over, so hung over I was sober - and I just wanted to die.
Two female singers

I've never had a high like that in my life

and I never will again...

That brings us to the song of the night... "20 Eyes" The Misfits...

How can one live without them?

All of the F-Bombs songs were riddled with humor.  Heavy lyrics has never been my thing, at least not in the beginning... 
"Robot Maid"
"The Clothes That Make the Man"
"Eight Inches"
"Who Cares"

(here - go laugh - The F-Bombs - I'm the brunette)

So, The Misfits... I have this awesome memory of 20 Eyes... we were supposed to play the Symposium for the 100th time, but the bartender didn't show up so our show was moved upstairs to The Phantasy.  It was the first time I played on a stage that fit the 5 of us.  We had grown used to playing on top of each other.  I even remember leaning over to belt out a note as my bassist swung his guitar over my head and then I stood up - it wasn't planned... just good timing...  But the Phantasy was huge and there were people - and I was terrified... and very drunk... we did our sound check, the sound guy came over and he was nice (something I wasn't used too - Symposium guy... not so nice) and in the background... 20 Eyes.

The F-Bombs broke up a year later, the day after my birthday and our final show at the Hifi... but my favorite show ever was at the Pirate Cove.  By that point the fear was mostly gone.  I remember standing on stage setting up and the other singer came over and told me that you could see up my skirt so I walked up to the mic, said, "Is this on?  OK.  So I hear you can see up my skirt - here's what you're trying to see." and lifted my skirt up - the other singer just shook her head.  

I still say screw that.  I knew I was wearing a mini skirt - I had coverage on.  No one saw anything so save it!

I just stood there and laughed.  And then sang and then - there was a weird bubble party outside... I think we broke up 2 months after that...

The bands after that I played guitar (if you can call it that) in them, but till this day I still miss singing more than anything.  I miss standing on stage holding that microphone and pretending no one can see me as I sing my little heart out... The two bands after that - A Different Devil and The Whitechapel Harlots - I played and sang... 

One day I just want to sing again... that's what I tell myself (especially after having 3 beers - yes, I'm a light weight!)

Reminiscent of a life passed... 

I sit here and listen to music and I remember that day... the day I made the decision to go forward with it - I was seeing some guys we knew play a show and the opening act was a chick band.  I was super excited and they super sucked.  And I thought, I can do that and I can suck better at it and I can make people come back for more.  

I love those memories.
I love that I flipped my skirt up.
I love that I grabbed my boob on stage - 1,000 times over.
Or asking someone to buy me a drink in the middle of a set...

I wrote a lot of break up songs at the end... I was good at that - 

...saw you just the other day, walking past our old place, wish I could have seen your face, but you were driving the other way.  Made me think of days long gone, when you held me in your arms and said that things would never change...

Oh baby why'd you say that to me
Why'd you tell me that you loved me
Why did you leave me all alone
Oh baby did you think I still lived there
did you think I'd be sitting waiting scared
All alone with out your love?...

"Long Gone" The Whitechapel Harlots

But the only song I had that made it through more than one band was "Who Cares" time, no place, no one, who cares
can't see, can't feel, can't speak, who cares
Don't want to be around here no more
Don't want to feel a thing no more

No peace, no sleep, no help, who cares
Can't take, can't give, can't steal, who cares
Don't want the life I have no more
Don't want must leave can't stay more...

See!  I always dwell on the bad...
It just makes for a better song! ;)


Maybe the next band - because I know me, there will be another one.  I can feel that in my bones - maybe in that one I'll write about happy things?
Or maybe I'll just learn to articulate lyrics better...
But the one thing I can be certain of - I'll be singing, and JUST singing - maybe a key board, but thats it... 

You know what?  I lied... here's another band for you to check out.  
They're called the Love Me Nots.  

Small.  Indie.  Awesome.  And from AZ

Check them out.

Start with "Move in Tight"

"...hold me just a little harder, yeah hold me tight..."

Have a good night, and remember, life is too short to be that serious...


  1. Great post...I love the Pirate Cove...Peabody's in the Flats was our home turf...Nice post just right of center stage holding up the ceiling...

    The Grog shop with all it's history, and tiny stage, and coffee can lights...Those were the days...The Agora was the best! Well that and the one show at Blossom (first of 3 openers...not many people there yet...Ha!)

    I always knew you had some punk in you...I didn't know you had that much...Good stuff!

  2. Never got to play the old Grog Shop, but the new one was cool. Granted I tend to judge the place by sound guy/girl ;)

    the weirdest place we played was a garage in Ypsilanti MI. Some girl was kicked in the face in the middle of one of our songs and then we stopped at a Friendly's in Maumee on the way home - which is STILL funny to me because it was me and the 3 guys in my band and every person working was female, about 17, and perky and cute. Half way through our meal we decided we much be in some weird porno just waiting to happen. HA!