Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A series of events in no certain order...

What am I going to say?  Write!  Write!  Write!


So, I went to a meeting tonight for local writers.
To be honest, I figured I'd go this once and then never return.
'Tis my MO when it comes to things like that... but I was wrong.  I'm going to go back.


Curiosity in part but if I'm going to do this.  If I'm going to really write, I need to surround myself with a support system that says, "YOU CAN DO IT!"
I've been "trying" to do this for years.  I've given dozens of other writers thousands of pep talks about how you need to "keep going" and how not to be "daunted by the Man!"

Its always easier to dish it out than take it.

2009.  The year I finally realize myself.

Over the years I've been called a lot of things, but some of my favorites are "fire cracker" or that I'm "spunky!" or even a "free spirit" 

(I'm ALL about the "quotes" tonight!!  WOOHOO!)

I've always found that funny.  For I, my friends, am a creature of habit.  So much so that one time, years ago, I deviated from my routine and my parents called the police.  I was in my late teens, early twenties...
Yes - I always end up deviating from said routine after an allotted amount of time.  I like change even if it scares the beejesus out of me.  With change comes growth and how can you realize your true potential if you don't change and grown.

But I guess I can be spunky from time to time... 

I don't think I ever realized how much I had learned about the field of writing until tonight.  Not being published, well, nothing to write home about - but not being published has blurred my vision about the amount of crap I know about the field.  

I'm just babbling tonight.  It was good, but weird because when its your life you don't see it how others do.  I see boring old me who has written a bunch of stuff and has... not much to show for it, other than 3 flash drives.  But the looks people gave me when I told them about the many things I've written... yes.  prolific.  It's no lie!

God I'm tired... I'm changing the subject.

ANYWAY!  My day went like this... tired/blurg -> coffee high/fun -> tired/worn out/slightly depressed.   Which brings me back to blurg!  And that is leading to reevaluating things, myself, again.

At least my gut is almost back.  Maybe that's why I loved tonight.  I sat and watched a group of people I don't know and just took notes in my head.  I'd share, but... 
I'll share when the time is right...

I can do this, right?  I can write a story that's worth publishing... Can I?  I don't know...
I like to think I can.
But the list of things I like to think I can do... its a tad ridiculous.
But since when has that stopped me from trying?


Time to go take some advil and thwart off this headache that is being brought on by me being mopey in my head!

Later to you...

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