Monday, February 2, 2009

this is here to clear some sh*t up... please read if you think I've blogged about you.

I came on here to erase a blog I wrote last month because of a conversation I had today.  It seems the general fact that I haven't been using names in my conversations about frustrations in my life has led some to think I was talking about someone I wasn't talking about at all.

I like to think my friends know who they are even though we don't talk on a regular basis that they are still my friends.  

Anyway, I don't feel like scrolling through my blogs to erase them - cuz I'm super tired today, and that is making me super freaking lazy... so this blog is just here to clarify some points of my life.

The 'best friends' superstition I have come from the last 4 females that have used that those two words concerning me.  Especially the last chick.  Once again, I don't do well with female relationships.  I have only a few in my life, but those few are important.  The rest of my good friends are dudes.

I've been told I have commitment type issues when it comes to female relationships, I think the last 8+ years explains it all.  

So clarifying is now done.
And my son is awake.

and we both need a bottle... granted, he's the only one that will be having one this evening...

maybe I'll be back later.
heres hoping I'll be asleep.



  1. I didn't think it was about me, but I read anyways...I love reading you stuff...We could all use a bottle...Take it easy.

  2. Thanks! Lucky for you I'm prolific... you take it easy too.