Tuesday, March 10, 2009

and I give you Till Tuesday...

"Voices Carry" Till Tuesday

It's one of those songs that everybody knows, they even sing along, but most times they don't realize what they are even singing.

The catchy music muddles the words and no one realizes how sad the song is.

"...when I tell him I'm falling in love, why does he say, hush hush, keep it down now voices carry..."

A testament to not speaking the words out loud, because if you do, like a magical spell they may come true.  And some dreams are just better left alone.

"...I try to hard not to get upset, because I know the trouble I'll get.  Oh, he tells me tears are something to hide, and something to fear, and I try to hard to keep it inside so no one can hear.  Hush, hush.  Keep it down now voices carry..."

I once had a guy tell me how sexy he thought this song was.  
He heard the refrain and her breathless voice and came up with his own theory.  
Because if all you hear is her say hush, in a hushed voice... yes, yes... sexy...

"...he said shut up.  he said shut up.  oh god can't you keep it down.  voices carry..."

The older I get the less and less I look at life in a cheery, cheeky light. 
I see things cluttered with shadows that are lined with illusions.  These new negative beliefs have led me to alter how I do some things... 
I never say anything even though I talk all the time, its amazing how easy it is to get people to just talk about themselves and never ask about you.  I honestly can't remember the last time someone asked me how I was doing.

Sounds pathetic doesn't it?

Not really.  
Not when you're the one orchestrating and navigating them to only talk about themselves.

Being boisterous carries a lot of implications, so I like to keep my moments precise.  There are certain expectations to be had when you wrap yourself around a room.  Even when you, yourself, have none.  
People talk so much, so much gossip.  

Gossip is like history - to the winner goes the spoils.

So when things drift my way... dare I ask?  No.  I don't want to be involved.  If you need honest help with something I'll be there, but if you're just looking to perpetuate tart nothings wrapped in a faded jean jacket - I'd much rather be writing, reading or surfing the net.  Plus, I find that life rarely is ever that interesting any more.  So when people talk I tend to drift - I suck in key words to repeat back - and think about other things.

Sounds mean doesn't it?

Like I said, there really isn't much to say.  
People say things change, I don't feel that way.  I think some people do but I think most people find a moment in time that they loved and they hold on to it.

Safety in familiarity.  No one wants to be the blind man in the newly rearranged room.

How many times have you heard someone say, "remember that night?"  and then you watch them try to relive it.  

You can't recreate a spontaneous moment.  
All you can do enjoy that moment when it happens and saver it.  
Swim in it lovingly until you look like a prune.  
But you can never do it again.
Not like the first time.

You see, I love change, it's scary fun and brilliant because in the end you have more than you ever expected.  Memories, life - everything.

I've never needed to find an Everest to climb, I've always just happened upon each mountain by chance and none have bested me yet.

"...in the dark I like to read his mind, but I'm frightened of the things I might find.  Oh there must be something he's thinking of to tear him away..."

People only hear half of what you're saying anyway
and I've grown tried of repeating myself until I'm blue in the face
so I've turned and walked away
What I find interesting these days are not what I used to spout off about - I get giddy because of the history channel has a first look on the mughals or become elated that the military channel has a new special on the sr--71 blackbird...

And I ponder about a world of other things that are all left unsaid... 

He said shut up, and I did
Which worked out famously
Because honestly, I ran out of things to say a long, long while ago


And anyway, the song may carry a sad undertone but the words are true...

"...hush, hush... voices carry..."

Shhhh!  Someone may hear you!  
And no one wants that now do they?

~sweet dreams


  1. Wow! That is a great post...It my be my favorite one yet!

    I've always loved that song, and I loved it for it's brillant lyrics much more than her sexy voice...I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that so many people miss the point...

    Again, Great post!

  2. Thanks! I love the lyrics too. And it's been stuck in my head since I wrote that.

    Another song to add to the soundtrack of ayoung ;)