Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The bloody Karma of writing

In my quest to bring writing back into my life I've been trying to write whenever I can.  Be it on here or on little scraps of paper or on my laptop in my living room in the middle of the night.

I write best at night.
I do everything best at night.
I'm a night person all the way.  I function better after being awake for a long time.  And when I write I need those ten hours I've put in a day to be laid out before me for me to have something coherent to say.  

I come here to dump.  That's what this place is.  Fleeting thoughts or emotions that I've had stored up that I need to unload.  Someone once commented that this sounds like my diary, and it really is - for the most part.  The journal I keep has much more detailed commentary than I'd ever put on here because I do believe that the word is mightier than the sword.

Anyone can punch you with a fist.  It takes a certain someone to make you bleed with their words.

And words, well, they're tricky.  Like a scored woman they can turn on you in an instant and declare that they're going to ruin your life - and they will.

So when I talk to people, meet people who are scared to share their ideas, I understand.  Even if you're writing about something in a journalistic format - to some degree your soul is intertwined with those words - woven through out that story.  It's you.  Part of you.

The first time someone took one of my ideas and passed it off as their own I was in high school.  Enraged I went after the person.  But it was a he said, she said kinda thing and in high school I had a really bad relationship with the administration of my school and the girl who did the stealing did not.  No one believed me.  

She won money for my idea.

I never spoke of an idea I had again.

For a long time I never would let anyone read my writing.  Not even family.
I just KNEW they were going to take it and run with it.

Now, on here, I don't have those types of fears.  The fact that people are following this blog elates me, and the few friends I know who read it - well I'm a writer - I want to be read.  So I LOVE it.  Even if what they are reading or incoherent thoughts I spew out in the middle of the night.  What we have here, in the realm of "some place fresh" are the rants of a 30+ woman who just went though a life changing event and her coping with the ripples that came off of that event.

So I thank you all for reading.

But to all you assholes out there that steal other people's ideas and pass them off as your own.  I hope you break both of your hands.  

People suck.  

Like I've stated I know a bunch of people who write.  From lyrics to poems to thesis pieces to sports.  I read all of it and if I like it I let that person know.  
Everyone can write.
It's true.
But some people, some people are just plain gifted.
And yes, that can make you jealous or angry that its them and "not you", but what the fuck.

I'm a bit peeved.  I'm not naive.  I've been screwed over a million times and I'll be screwed over a million more - fine.  But it doesn't mean I have to like it even a little bit.

What do you get from it?

I have a few rules I live by:
  Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to
  Don't believe stories you hear about someone until you've gone to the source
  And if you can't look yourself in the face, you're doing something wrong.

I suppose until the day I die the human race will cease to amaze me with how shitty it really is.  

Being a writer should be like being part of some vagabond tribe
You might not live with them
You may never meet them
But when you do you take that one thing you have in common and you support them

To all of you jerks out there that aren't creative enough to come up with your own ideas, so instead you prowl blogs and steal another person's - it's called Karma.

I hope anyone this has happened to keeps writing.  Because while it is unacceptable, you must be doing something right.  Because if you weren't... well they wouldn't have gone after you in the first place.

To anyone that wants or needs support in their writing, feel free to contact me.
And to anyone who is looking to be an asshole - feel free to jump into traffic.

~Good Night


  1. Wow....I hope no one stole your ideas....Good grief....that is all I can say. I love getting new ideas and evfen sharing them but most of us do not feel the need to claim the credit for then.
    SORRY if this did happen to you. It sucks

  2. Thanks for your support. It hasn't happen to me recently, it happened to a friend of mine and it just really made me mad. So I thought I'd share that anger with everyone.

    Like you said, getting new ideas is awesome! And to think someone might pawn them off as their own - really isn't.

    Thanks again!