Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello April!

I'm still working on RE-working this blog... but I've also been writing another blog that has seemed to totally consume all of my free time.

Add to that, my son has a cold - you tell a 6 month old to blow his nose and he just looks at you, covered in snot, and smiles.

The things we take for granted.  You know, common bodily functions.

But the new blog should be a fun one.  I'm going to keep it a secret just because I want to surprise all y'all!  WOOHOO!

But first I need to figure out how to hook up this page to an web address I'm gonna buy... Yes - I diving in head first!  
But blogger just confuses me... let me tell you - I'm really diggin' wordpress... if wordpress was a hot dude, I'd totally mack on him right now.  I would.  I'm not proud.

Alas... how many times can I start a sentence with "but" or "so"?  Good question!

I wish I had something new to report... I'm still trying to get my scanner to work - I need to story board a kids book I just finished writing and lay out notes for the next one.  Finish the plot of a game I'm running and get back to my book - but the other (traitorous) blog - WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!

And what day is it?  Yeah... I hate April first.  Most people know not to play pranks on me - because I shoot first and ask questions later - aha - I'm a bad ass (and due for parole in July)... the jerk deserved it... 

And now I'm off... I need to figure some time issues out and then try to sleep... 


more soon!

~good night!

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