Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hypocrisy and food

I just ate a brownie... it was a bad idea... Normally I snack on fruit or even a chocolate bar... but this brownie... ugh, I swear I can feel it's evilness coursing through my veins.

Sometimes I try to convince myself that I should do the "eat only raw food" thing - and then I realize that I like to cook and that I can't make a patty melt if it's not cooked.  And what about bbq sauce?  Or BK's special sauce?  

Or melted brie
sloppy joe
mac n cheese
Pumpkin ravioli in a nutmeg cream sauce?!

(do you see the amount of dairy on the list - I like to believe that I'm fighting the good fight!)

I just couldn't live my life like that... 
I understand it
I even respect it
But I just can't do it

I'll run 3 miles
Drink the drinks
take 200 vitamins
But please don't take away my pseudo ruben - I just might die.

In the end I should just NOT eat these stupid ass brownies.  I know I can't eat premade foods - I know that sounds really lame, but there are a number of places I just can't eat at or I'll just get sick - and it's not the restaurant - its me.  No one else gets sick.  And it's store bought stuff too - I can't even eat prego - which is TOTALLY fine because I like to make pasta sauce.  You should see the tomatoes I picked out to grow out back today.  That is one of those things I'm excited for.  But sometimes, like earlier today I just wish I could go drive thru and grab me a big mac or something like that.  

I had a tofurkey and cheese sandwich on rye with mayo.  ah... it was easier than an egg and tastes better than another pb&j.

But it won't end.  I know this summer, once I have the garden in full swing, I'll start on my "raw foods" kick again.  There is nothing like food you grow in your backyard.  We always had a garden growing up and I have many fond memories of picking a tomato and eating it or sitting under the grapevines and plucking off the grapes... concord grapes - DElicious!

You know, I don't normally mind it.  I don't mind cooking, it relaxes me and I like coming up with new things.  (there is only so much tofu one can eat, even if it is crispy and slathered in bbq sauce) But sometimes I'd just like a meal that sticks to your bones.  I miss beef stroganoff or chicken paprikash.  I've made veggie varieties of these over the years but the husband hates mushrooms (which I'll NEVER understand) and with the whole dairy thing...  

You want to know what the worst day of my life is going to be?  The day my doctor looks at me and says, "Sorry, you can no longer eat dairy."


The only vegan dessert I've ever made that I like better than the non - vegan counterpart is my banana bread.  Can one survive on banana bread alone?


My sister is there.  She got that talk.  She's pretty much vegan.
A friend of mine just learned she's allergic to soy...

People think we should be freaked out about the economy and the fact that the DOW took a nose dive this week... I say we need to figure out this dairy epidemic before someone can't eat cream sauce!

On an up side, if I continue to work out and go vegan I'll be pretty cut... hmm... granted if I have to give up all of that there is NO WAY IN HELL I'm giving up the sauce and my smokes... oh hypocrisy - you look so pretty tonight... 

Pretty enough to eat with just a little dollop of sour cream!

Yes, see what sugar does to me?  
Time to detox!

~good night

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