Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Observational techniques and gravy! YUM!

So, I like to figure things in life out.  I kinda look at things like a puzzle - including emotional stuff.  It's easier for me to process things if I can have a general grasp of what is surrounding me.  So I like to formulate ideas of why people do things or feel things... I think I've said before, normally it's easy for me to read people.  

And I don't mean that in a bad way.

I just find if you stop for five minutes and lend an ear, chances are people will tell you everything ever about their life.  We're all human.  Humans don't like to think their alone when it comes to emotional issues (*cough* blog *cough*)

Needless to say, I am NOT speaking only from observation.

But I like observation.
It's like playing a life sized game of chess.
Take your Queen out for a spin - lets see where you end up!
And it's not out of spite...
I don't tell people my observations normally, its just for me alone.

Just like not wanting to be the only vulnerable person around, I like to see how I'm not alone on other levels.

So I give a good look see and then I wait

I think the funniest thing is how as humans we all make similar mistakes and as humans we all think that we (personally) are immune to them.

Other things I've noticed is that most times the things we hate in others are directly relate to part of ourselves we dislike.  

Fidgeting <- that is mine, I HATE when people fidget and I'm the first one to start taping my foot. 

Or we dislike people because we feel they have something we want - success, family, keen fashion sense... the ability to tie a cherry stem with their tongue (I still don't believe this can be done - lies!)

...crap-o-la... I don't even know where I'm going with this... it just popped into my head.  I tell you, most of the time I don't write down things that just "POP" into my head.  It's just safer that way.  Trust me, someone might lose an eye - especially with how sharp my tongue can be... but it's just one of those things I think about.

I know that might seem like a false statement, but I DO in fact have a journal and in there - the secrets - OH THE SECRETS!  Naw... that's just another lie, like the cherry stems thing.  I don't write down anything too terrible unless I plan on burning it ceremonially on Hogs Back in the presents of a Druid Priest.

And I don't know any Druid Priests

So here is just a simple update on my otherwise repetitive life:

  • I am 54 pages into my story - I think it will end around 120, which is decent for a first draft.
  • I am preparing my attic to be a pseudo green house so I can grow my lovely garden without the cats eating the seedlings... (if I had a do over - never would I have taken in 3 cats - EVER)
  • Tomorrow, for the first time since the calendar turned to 2009 I will have my hair cut and dyed (finally I can go out in public again with out a hat!)
  • The husband, who doesn't understand my shoe thing, asked me out of the blue today why I don't own polka dotted shoes... and the suggested I get some.  (The end is nigh!)
  • I've had a realization that I may need to eat some fatty foods, this came to me when I found myself spooning cold gravy into my mouth... and you know what?  I wish I had some more... it was sooooooo yummmy..... 
  • and finally - I need to stop downing a full pot of coffee at 10pm - because when I do I find that I sit on blogger listing things, just random things, that really hold no importance to the world... 

May your observation on me be kind... and please keep in consideration that's and I'm unbalanced even the good days - yes, I think it gives me that extra little umph in life!

I'm going to go now - but I'll leave you with a little something that is cute!


Isn't he cute?!
He's 23 weeks old (he was 5 months on the 12th), 30" long and weights 20lbs...
By the time he's 3 he'll be taller than me... 



Here is my final gift to you... and yes, that IS Mr. Belding in the beginning!

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