Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things you should check out!

My blog tonight will be a short one...
I hope...
I have way to many things running through my head, so I could ramble - that would be easy, but I can't image the thoughts would be that coherent.

I somehow fell back "there" back to the bad place and I'm going to ignore it. 

I'm thinking some yoga, a nice hot mug of jasmine tea, some writing (the other writing I like to do so much) and then I'm gonna crash.  You know, before I start writing bad poetry.  No one wants my bad poetry - least of all me!

UGH!  (I've had a bad headache for about 4 hours now - I'm assuming that is the cause)

But if you're in the reading mood, I have two places for you to go:

oh silly me and my lack of having control over my own brain... 



  1. Thanks again!

    Just catching up after the flu!

  2. We are a house of persons with colds... it's wonderful, unless you are under one and don't know how to blow your nose!