Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome to my kickass life! NINJA!

My life, mostly, is just something I take a day at a time.  I've always been early, but I've never really been much of a planner.  Don't get me wrong, I have goals - I have direction, I just don't normally have a map drawn out of how I'm going to get there.

They say that every journey starts with the first step, but they say a lot of things now don't they?  They say shit that just pisses me off or that makes me lose track of what's really important.  So, honestly, I don't know why I ever pay a moments attention to "them" in the first place.  It's just a waste of time... 

But inadvertently, I will bend my ear to hear what is being said, cliche after cliche - advice after advice, in the mere hope that I do get something from it, something that gives me that extra push to move forwards with whatever plans I have laid out for that moment.  And most times I do.  I'm one of those people that can find something in nothing, this tends to get me in trouble - sometimes looking for the silver lining really isn't what you should be wasting your time on.  Sometimes you need to just keep going because even the silver lining of a certain situation is really just nothing good at all.

When I read a book or listen to a song I tend to do that there too... meaning I disassemble the words looking for the intent.  I love to read between the lines for emotions... 

Probably because I'm so emotion.

I can't sleep.  
It's driving me mad...
I don't want to watch TV
I want to read but my book is in my bedroom and the husband is asleep and if I open the door he won't be any longer...

So here I am.

Looking for my own intent.  
Reading between my own lines.  
Assembling, disassembling and then reassembling. 

Whatever, right?
Seriously!  No one should let me run amok verbally when I'm delusional from sleep deprivation - drivel... Pure and simple... 

Moving on to el musico (that's made up spanish for "the music" - fancy!)

So there is this band.  They are called Supersuckers.  Ever hear of them?
They've been around since the late 80's and they, my friends, are awesome.

I had the chance to see them a few years ago when I saw Social Distortion for the first time. (how I love Social D - had me a wicked crush on Mike Ness for many a moon and now I have roses he threw at me... yes.  Hit me in the face.)

But the Supersuckers opened for them.

They have a lot of songs - how can they not? 1988 was a long time ago.
A few that always get stuck in my head are as follows:

and there are many others too, but that is a good place to start.  
And then there are the covers!  HA!  
I think I read somewhere that they "proclaimed" themselves the "greatest rock band ever" - no Jesus, but we all can't be Lennon now can we...

My Kickass Life I heard for the first time in forever last night.  It was intermingling in the background of conversation as I listened to my friend tell me their likes and dislikes of the recent BSG finale (what a sad day Friday was...)

And the song goes like this: a show tonight, it's gonna pay my rent, and what I got left over, baby it's all been spent.  But there's no cover charge for me.  I'm in the band.  I'm the man with the goldtop in my hand.

It's my kickass life
It's my kickass life
It's my kickass life
No matter how good it gets
It could always get better...

Eddie Spaghetti, donning a cowboy hat and Elvis glasses, is the lead singer and let me just say the band is awesome live.  They're fun, they're music is fun.  It is an adventure and you know how I love me some adventure!

...another honey to have, another mile to go, so let's go.  Let the punks be punks, so I can play that rock 'n roll.  You know that through it all, I can see through the smoke and the lights, it's all bullshit baby, but I do it night after night

It's my kickass life
It's my kickass life
It's my kickass life
No matter how good it gets
It could always get better...

I take life too seriously
It makes it less kickass when I'm over analyzing the hums and haws
and to be honest - I do have a kickass life
but just like they said... it could always get better!  

If you don't believe that you're awesome, then why should anyone else?  Let me tell you, it was easier spreading the awesomeness when I was in one of the bands - but hey - still awesome! 

What the hell am I waiting for?  A freakin' invitation for the mayor of Awesome-ville?!


Sadly, I couldn't find a youtube clip of My Kickass Life - which is a dreadful shame - but if you follow the links above you can watch a few of their other video's and their website is filled with tons of downloads.

This is "Born with a Tail" - which is also very much fun.  

And now... I'm going to attempt sleep again... but the husband spilled garlic butter sauce on the rug so every time I close my eyes I want a salad... 

Now please, go enjoy your kickass life!  Go look in the mirror and remind yourself just how freakin' awesome you are and then spread it around a little.

There are too many morons out there that us awesome folk need to work a little harder to shine through!  But we're worth it!   Yes we are!!

Yeah, yeah... I know, I know... time for sleepy sleep before I start my "confidence is key" speech!  I'll save that one for later in the week!

Right now... mama needs a sandwich!

Good night darlin'!
Sweet dream!  And remember!
No matter how good it gets... it can always get better!

~The End

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