Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Write what you know

In life we tend to gravitate towards certain people.  I tend to gravitate towards other writers.  This was never something I just chose to do.  Honestly, this is the first time in my life that I've taken the steps to meet other writers or talk about my writing, but when I look around me - that's who I've been surrounded by all this time.

The Husband writes, my cousins, friends...

It just seemed to happen that way.

Tonight I went to my little monthly writers meeting (this is what triggered these thoughts) and we did the round table norm - introduce yourself, tell everyone what you're working on and if you are brave enough, share an excerpt of that project with the group.

Now, we meet at a restaurant, which is kind of nice.  It's nice having a bar there to have a little something to quell those butterflies in  your belly before you stand up and read.  It's nice to be able to order some food to pick at while everyone else is reading their selections - but on the flip side, it's loud as hell!
I'll order a drink or a cup of coffee - I never order food.  The reason? - the restaurant is expensive and if I'm going to drop $30 on a meal, the husband should be with me to enjoy it too 

So we all introduce ourselves and order then the reading begins - me make it through.  This time was beyond interesting.   Honestly, I'd like to read or hear more about every project that was read aloud (I was not one of those brave souls)  So many ideas.

I won't list them here - they're not mine to list.  As a writer you work so hard at coming up with the prefect idea for a story, a book, that it's scary sharing it because you never know if the guy sitting across from you is a jerk who is not going to come back and just came to steal your idea.

I won't be that jerk.

Hell, once again props to all who spoke up.  I lied and said I wasn't writing anything.
I am.
8 pages a night.
Hoping to have the first draft done by May.

(see I do write other things that don't end up here - yet)

I hope by then I'll be able to read a portion of it to the group.  I know they want to hear.  My prolific nature has sent my writing in many different arenas and most of the people there are much more centered that I am.  
I have new ideas every day.
I jot them down in my little notebook and hope one day I'll come back to them... Like Boris in the Seagull - but unlike Boris, I really don't want to destroy anyone to complete my ideas...

All the worlds out there, all the stories that are still left to be told.
Write what you know.  That's what they all say.  
I think people miss interpret that into a literal sense.  I don't think it means, "You know about engines - that's all you can write about."
I think it means take the experiences from your life and create a person that is part of your soul and then drop that person into a story...  What do you know?  Love.  Loss.  How to balance 3 jobs and 2 kids...  

And even if you hear an idea that sounds similar to yours just remember that you are your own person with your own life experiences - it'll never be the same.

These are things I've told myself a 1000x and these are things I tell people when they write or talk to be about writing.  No one can be you.  So no one can write exactly like you.

I don't know where I'm going with this.
I just liked seeing other people who have that spark, that passion to spin a story.  

Like I stated, I've known a lot of writers, and some of them... not so nice.  Some of them will tell you to give up.


Spinning a web is too wonderful of a thing not to do.  Trapping someone there is too much fun.  But my biggest fear..........

I guess it's the same fear all of us writers have... that no one will like it...

So, little world, please be kind to me.  Let me dance you through lights and shadows, happy and sad moments, and everything in between.
Allow me the chance to tantalize your senses with textured sentences that send shivers down your spine.
Don't be malice
Unjust or unkind
Keep an open mind
Give me that nudge I need
And buy a copy of my book when it's done...

I'll even sign it if you want! ;)

Time to write those 8 pages!
That and I'm super hungry for some reason...

Good night!  Sweet Dreams!


  1. I can't wait for my signed copy!

    Meeting for writers...Well it is like a drug...

  2. I'll sign yours first. It'll read "To The BEEZE: Remember that time you set Kev's porch on fire? That was a fun night! ~ayoung"