Saturday, April 4, 2009

Say it! VAMPIRE! Twilight baby, yeah!

Guess what movie I watched tonight? (*cough* look up *cough*)

yes... a little part of me slipped away tonight and I'll never get that part of me back... but on the upside - now the husband and I will walk around for the next month or so saying the following, 

"Say it, out loud, say it."
"Are you afraid?"

Well you should be sweet heart, because beside being dashingly handsome as a pseudo "James Dean" rebel vampire - I WANT TO EAT YOU!  You smell DIVINE!  It's all that dry heat, isn't it?

I'm going to go watch 1984
or to bed

it's a toss up - but I'm leaning more towards sleep... 

Now be a good little boy and go brush your fangs.

~good night

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