Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Bird and the Paddle

Once upon a time, inside a boat house worked a bunch of men.  As they worked they suddenly notice a small bird had fallen into the body of water that was surrounding them.

Without a thought they tried to save the bird.  Boat paddles, skimmers, brooms and whatever they could grab - they attempted to scoop the bird out of the water before it was too late.

But it didn't happen.  There was no paddle, no skimmer or broom long enough or strong enough to pull the little bird from the water.

The bird died.

Every hero that has ever been written about has more in common than they know... To be a true hero you must understand loss.  Because when you lose something you suddenly understand gaining.  It's a wicked lesson and one most hope they can learn through theory alone.

But Batman lost Robin.  Superman lost Wonder Woman.  Spiderman lost Aunt May. 

The next time the paddle will be long enough and if it isn't - you'll jump in.  You will realize that the little things you leave behind are worth leaving to save the bird.

(yes, yes... the fortune cookie continues... you're lucky numbers are 7, 13, 12, 42)

~good night (wan shang hao)


  1. Yes sometimes somethings are worth jumping in...
    thoughtful post.....

  2. somethings are worth jumping into head first, it may be scary - but in the end it seems worth it.

    Thanks for thoughts and for reading!