Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do you think Romeo would have won over Juliet if he had an uzi?

I love writing.  
I love reading.
I love everything about the land of make believe.

Once upon a time... four of the greatest words ever written in my opinion, but if there is one thing I hate in this world it's when people compare their work to Shakespeare.

OK - if you're writing a sonnet - compare away.  The man was the king of sonnets!  But don't sit there and tell me about your war story and then start babbling on about Verona.

I like Shakespeare.  I've been to his house.  Stood on the stone floor he once crawled on.

Don't do it.

Would a rose smell just as sweet?  Yes - but your story is still yours and know who you're targeting when you begin the comparison game.  Personally I find that the people who read and reread Romeo and Juliet are looking more at the "star crossed lovers" angle more than the tactical maneuvers of the Capulets and the Montagues.  Hey, maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe the true audience of Romeo and Juliet are exterminators seeing that one of the side stories are the rat collectors - pesky plague.

My writers meeting can be a wonderful thing.  You get to meet some people who will help you FIND you and thus help you EXPRESS your views and ideas better in whatever format you are looking to conquer.  But sometimes it's just a platform to boast about your perfections.   Let others know how wonderful you are.

When you reach perfection, what else is there to strive for?

My guess is you strive for the perfection of a playwright and poet who died in 1616.
If Rosencrantz and Guildenstern weren't already dead... well, at least we know they're rolling in their graves.  Hamlet - but my favorites are 12th Night and King Lear... even though I can sit here and tell you that Juliet is the Sun and that Macbeth is cursed.

What is my point?  This venture of mine back into the world of writing has shown me so much. I never realized just how much I missed being a writer until I started writing again.  

In January I announced I was over that part of my life. 
I would never write again. 
No stories, books or even a W.S. Sonnet - but here I am.

And it's hard.

So many, many, many ideas filter in and out of my brain every day.  Put that with my natural A.D.D. and you have the ultimate block - no not "writers block" the block of starting, and starting, and starting but never finishing anything because there is always a better story just over the horizon... can't you see it?  It's RIGHT THERE!

But still here I am.  Forcing myself to stop and finish one thing before I start the next.  I look for inspiration everywhere, I write every day - on here, in my journal or even in my other blogs. 

Am I a writer?  Yes.  

They say if you visualize what you want it makes it easier to obtain it.  I WANT to be a writer, to hold my novel in my hand, to sign it for you (xxoo -A).

I don't want to compare myself to one of the most famous writers on the planet - might as well chop my ear off and paint you a sunflower... 

If your voice is worth being heard - then it is - so don't muddle it by giving the world the preconceived notion that they can find Juliet in her balcony when what you really meant to say was there is sex in a dingy.

Makes me wonder if Shakespeare ever once said, "Ho! This is my new story.  It's about this boy who's father is murdered by his uncle who then marries his mom.  His girlfriend goes insane and later he dies... Oi!  You know, just like Dante's Divine Comedy."

Sure it is.

If you're a writer, be proud of your work and for the love of god GO WRITE SOMETHING!

I'm going to bed now... good night.


  1. I'm glad I'm not alone...It's scary how much we are alike...If I go a day without writing something, I get in a very odd mood...I can't really explain it...But it doesn't go away until I write again...

  2. I've thought about that from time to time, the amount of things we have in common. Cut from the same cloth I suppose! Lol... It's nice having an ally... it makes the voices quieter