Tuesday, May 26, 2009


When it all stops 
and I sit here 
I listen to the sounds of nothing
ceiling fans and typing fingers
something to distract me
the pain is bad
normally I don't mind it
but today it's really bad

the cats walk by
sometimes I wonder what they think
I think they annoy me
but what the hell doesn't 
fur covered feet should be soundless
the one sounds like an elephant
The other two whine

When the clock stuck midnight
I was here... I'm always here
and I think...

Yes, there should be some law against me writing this drivel

If it makes you feel any better I don't have my glasses on
what does that mean?
I can't see the screen... 
I'm blind, very much so
Metaphorically and very literally

But I'm learning
Kinda like putting the glasses back on

Sometimes when I'm this tired
and I hurt this bad
and I can't take any more painkillers 
because I really just shouldn't
I lecture myself about sleep
but I know the truth
I have never been able to sleep


even though I'm always tired

That's when I realize 
it's stopped...

just like this

yes - it only makes sense up here


  1. that was beautiful

    to be honest, I'm scared of those things too

  2. I agree with 3rd...beautiful.

  3. Thanks Beeze

    And Ghost Dansing, I love that song...