Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Invention of Hugo Cabret and other books that I love...

When ever I go to the book store (which is frequent) I like to pick up some books for my boy. I'll grab one for now - meaning an over size picture book like "Llama, Llama Misses Mama" (I like Llamas...) and I'll grab one for later - something for when he's older.

The first series I began to collect (besides Harry Potter, yes I have those too) was called Ranger's Apprentice, by John Flanagan. I read the first one when my boy was really little, I remember holding him in one arm with the book behind his head and a bottle in the other hand. I have to finish this series. Actually, I had planned on starting to finish it this week - but that's when I found Hugo Cabret.  

But, I'll get to that in a second.

My second series is still on the first book.  It's called Young Samurai: the Way of the Warrior, by Chris Bradford. This book I tore through and can't wait for the second book to come up next month. Sadly it is not to be released here ['Ol US of A] until later, but amazon uk... LOVE IT!

So, the husband and I went to the bookstore on wednesday and I found a new series. I can't even remember the name. It was another fantasy story by a woman - I know where it's at in the store... anyway... I picked up this book and read the back, it seemed kinda cool so I brought it over to the husband who was looking through the magna/graphic novel section of the kids department (he wants G.I. Joe books for the boy) and as I'm rattling on about this new fantasy book I want to read and he's ignoring me because they have "Transformer" and "X-Men" but no G.I. Joe graphic or other novels [which pisses him off] when I see this book out of the corner of my eye.

There's a shiny silver circle on it, which means it won some award, and the cover is fanciful - and I'm a fan of fancy free, so I snatch it up as the husband drones on about G.I. Joe... [the books will be out in June, he'll live...]

As I flip through this book by Brian Selznick and I read over the story summation, I glance over at the first book I picked up - the fantasy one - and I set it back on the shelf.  I have to get this Hugo Cabret story. 

It's long.  Over 500 pages - but there are pictures - sketches - beautiful, wonderful and glorious sketches.

I just finished this book.  It took me about 6 hours over 3 days.
This book is wonderful and if you like young adult literature, are a fan of French history or you like Georges Milies...

It was wonderful!
And it made me think how badly I need to finish my book.

Now... I need to go back and find that fantasy book!  HA!  
It was a blue book with black writing and there was a man on the cover. Yeah... that should help the bookstore employee help me find it... sure it will... 

HA!  Found it online!! "The Last Apprentice!" Best part?  The covers not blue... and I don't think it was written by a woman... (unless Joseph Delaney is now a woman's name...)
GO ME!  

Anyway!!  The Invention of Hugo Cabret is worth $25!

I'm sick and need to sleep, tonight I can not wait to dream!
~good night!

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