Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manic, tattoos and sleep deprivation

My mind keeps running in circles tonight
All over the place
I'm starting to feel manic

Mother's day is sunday
My house is a mess
I need to get to the bank
Grocery store
My mind is driving me crazy
So the dulling begins

Doctor Who
Laugh at Ramirez 
(performance enhancing drugs... Manny can't swing his bat that well these days...
not that bat... his other bat... HA!)

...the picture...

I'm considering having her tattooed on me
On my right side
My left will read "To my beloved son"
(not in english - torn between chinese or korean - don't ask)
Behind the words will be flowers
Nothing crazy
Just a family thing

The only tattoo I have planned that is not family related
Is a fanboy thing...

but that's the only one and that is my last one...
The next one is none I have spoken of...


When I was a kid we didn't have much money
but every year we went someplace
maybe it wasn't the south of France
but we went...

Tent, trailer, back of the station wagon
Maine, Florida, Halifax
Baltimore, Salem, Gettysburg

Most trips ended at a body of water
My dad was in the Coast Guard
Outside of my mom he loves 3 things:

History &

I love those things because of him
In 33 years I have claimed them as my own
And made them a part of me

My next tattoo, a ship
Ship + Water = Freedom
Never stop

I've been told that I have "commitment issues"
No I don't
I have stale issues
I have issues that arise when I notice moss on my legs

Sadly I am loyal to a fault
And if I make a commitment I adhere to it,
even when I shouldn't

[not talking about my marriage]

Marriage is only one type relationship
There are many other kinds... the end, I give back what I take in
you treat me nice - I'll bake you brownies
you treat me like crap... you get what you give


My mind is all over the place tonight
Bouncing from corner to corner
Crevice to crevice...

Situations past
The future

And then I try to calm it
Let it breeze past me

unclench my teeth


Mother's day is sunday
My house is a mess
I need to get to the bank
The grocery store

I'm feeling manic and crazed
at least I'm feeling something

...something other than ill

(One should feast on things
other than m&ms
and coffee)

one should do a lot of things...

like sleep

But I'm going to pass
I need to read

I'll leave the sleeping to you...
just promise me that you'll dream

~good night

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