Sunday, May 24, 2009

My summer vacation - by ME!!

Next weekend I am going on vacation. For four days I will be sitting in the sunshine, sipping cocktails and dancing my butt off at a wedding with the husband.

My boy will be at home.

I go back and forth on how I feel about this. Today I have played over a series of phone calls home in my head. They are all one sided - my sided...

They go like this:

Phone Call #1
O.K.!  We're at the airport.
Yes, I know you dropped us off, but how is he?
Okay, okay... I'll check-in in a bit.  Call if you need us.
We will.  You too.  Bye.

Phone Call #2
We just got on the plane.  We're waiting for the rest of the passengers to get on.  How is he? The same?  Okay...
I'll check-in in a bit.
Okay.  Bye.

Phone Call #3
We just reached 30,000 feet.
Yes, I know it's only been a half hour, but I wanted to be sure.
Yes. Yes he's right here... honey your mom wants to talk to you.
...wait... why are you hanging up the phone?
Wait... give me back my cell phone!
What do you mean NO...!!!!

Phone Call #4 - (from pay phone at landing airport)
The husband took my phone.
Oh, crap!  He spotted me!  GIVE MY BOY A KISS AND TELL HIM I LOVE HIM!!!!
(to husband)
I was checking it for quarters...

Text Message #1
Can't talk long husband keeps taking phone away.
Kiss baby for me. Tell him I love him.
Ph# for 911 on fridge if needed


4 days...

Sanity - you think you have it
then you have a kid and suddenly you know, for a fact, that you were totally wrong.

And that, my friends, it the very reason I will have cash on me for the flight.  
It's called vodka.

Now I just have to make it till Friday... be continued...


  1. I'll never forget the first night away from our first child...It was okay at first...But then...The nervousness kicks in...You think you're going to have a nice getaway from, the stress of parenthood...But you aren't...You need a vacation from your vacation...Sorry if this didn't help you...But it gets a little easier!

    HAVE FUN!!!

  2. I know... the first time is the hardest... I'm sure I'll blog about it when I get back! LOL...

  3. Have a totally wonderful awesome time?
    Dance until the cows come home

  4. We will try, and thank you!