Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bring out your dead and don't let them go to hell...

Bring out your dead
please say it's not me
be trash or treasure
just not little old me

Those words have been stuck in my head for over a week

(and they kinda rhyme...)

Bring out your dead
please say its not me
a cart full of corpses
the end of everything

And I stop and I pretend I know what it means

But I don't

Death normally means change...

What the hell else in my life can change at this point?
Forget that I asked that...

Life is redundant
moving in circles 
crossing over and over and over

Mostly I feel like Moses lost in the desert

But sometimes I think I just know the change is coming
I can feel it - way in advance
Like a storm against your skin
Or an ache in your bones

I can feel it - even if I'm not sure what it is

"I wish you were happy" a quote from earlier
Speculation is annoying

Assumptions even more
To quote Sam Jackson, "...everyone knows when you make an assumption, you make an ass outta you, and umption..."

Poor umption...

The funny thing?
I am... happy
Happier than I've been in a long time

Please don't let my commentary lead you to believe otherwise
Pondering is just me!
I used to medicate myself to stop it
stop my brain...

(OTC drugs are sleepy nice)

Now... I don't

So bring out your dead
Oh, I know it's not me
And I'll be sure not to stand down wind of your cart

And in the end
if I turn out to be wrong
if it IS me...

I'll deal with that if it happens...

now go to sleep... 

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