Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cleaning house! ...and the basement... and my nose...

I decided to go through my archives and delete the immense amount of drafted blogs I had written and hadn't posted and inadvertently deleted a post.

Say la vee!

So, I decided today that I was going to start a quest to reach stardom by forty. This is a massive turn of events in my life seeing that I normally like to be in the background - and I don't mean like a fixture, I just like to orchestrate things.

Namely other peoples lives.

I've always had a bit of a Geppetto complex. Pulling strings and such.


Well, now that I've gotten that out of my system.  I'm WICKED tired and my neck is sore. I was supposed to go to yoga tonight but the gods decided that I would stay home. Damn them all to hell.

Have I mentioned this has been the longest week in all of humanity?

So last Friday we had a few friends over, which ended like it always does. My husband is smart and I think I can drink like I'm 23 - which I can't. That led to Saturday, where I was hung over for the second weekend in a row. ('CAUSE I CAN'T DRINK LIKE I'M 23 ANYMORE!!) That put us behind a day in yard work so Sunday we planted, weeded, hauled and all other things you do in a yard that are required to make your yard look decent to the outside world.

I'm sun burned.  It itches.

Monday the husband had to do a bit more in the yard which left me running in and out trying to help him but tend to the boy at the same time. Then I made a delicious dinner, promptly got sick, and they stayed up till 2am watching TV.
Yesterday was more of the same - we extended our patio, which means the husband did it because... baby... (who slept 13.5 hours yesterday... no, I'm not complaining.)

So today, I'm supposed to go to yoga and the husband was going to relax and watch a movie called Shogun Assassin. And then the smell starts...

You see, we've been having some minor plumbing issues. Nothing to worry about. Until the raw sewage is filling your basement! JOY! So the husband and our really nice neighbor who is a plumber fixed the basement while I worked on here.

This is me finally being done with work.
It's late.
I'm tired.
And tomorrow... tomorrow is only Thursday....

My husband said to me as I was kissing him good night, "Well, at least tomorrows Friday..."

I felt so bad for him.
My poor little bugger do...

I need to get some sleep before the little one awakens, and I need to get the smell of poo out of my nose. When I'm famous I'll hire someone who can do all of that for me - watch the little one and get the smell of poo out of my nose... 

I will call her Carla.

Good night!

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