Monday, June 22, 2009

Desperation for a job...

Two years ago I didn't own a house or have a kid and the economy wasn't great, but it sure as hell wasn't this bad. Now, I have a kid and a house and the economy is knee high in the sewage that was covering my basement floor last week and what am I looking for...? Oh, that's right, a job.

In the writing field I can't get work, but none that pays. I did apply for one that pays, but never heard from them... I've sent out my resume to everyone I can think of and their mother - hell, I've even sent one to your mother... still... nothing...

I wish I could get paid to tell people they were idiots.
Like people who "diet" - you're an idiot. Dieting never works, just stop eating so much and lay off the fast food - that'll be $10.50.
Or people who insist on driving in the "fast lane" but going the speed limit. MOVE OVER! That'll be $13.75.
And that chick who was sitting next to me at Star Trek. Sweetie, it isn't funny when the people blow up... $101.15...

What am I going to do?

Mother of all things holy, especially Christ on Friday and Jesus on a pogo stick!!!


Dear World,


Thank you,


  1. I wish I had a job for ya!

    we should start our own website...I bet we could make enough to buy two cups of coffee!