Monday, June 22, 2009

How lists are there to remind you that you're still not done...

I need to go to bed, but since I've decided I'm having a mid-life crisis (yes, I'm staring early in life) I'm still awake.

I decided to jump online because I'm obsessed with this game on facebook called "Yoville" and I needed to make my avatar go to the factory to get some coin (at least one of us will get paid) and I started to surf the good old internet.

I needed a smoothie recipe.
I'm addicted to yoville and smoothies.
Delicious and fun.

That ended quickly because the recipe is 3 ingredients and I can't send my avatar to work for another 20 minutes so I started to look at these damn survey things on facebook and that lead to looking at other lists, which lead to "bucket lists" and that, my friends, only added to the insane, too early to have one but I'm going to anyway, mid-life crisis that I decided I was having earlier today.

What is a bucket list? (Besides a movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson)

It's a list of things you haven't done that you've always wanted to that make you realize just how mortal you are and forces you to deal with the fact that you... ok... you get it... 33... mid-life... BLAH!  

(and I'm hanging out with a 23 year old on Friday. That should help.)


Here I sit, thinking about what I should put on this list. I've learned how to play several instruments, ridden a horse, taken a train ride, swam in the ocean - Atlantic and Pacific, left this rock that we live on and flown over to a different country, had sex in some fun places, taught myself how to cook, kissed a stranger, had a kid...

All of these lists have "go sky diving" on them - they can all bite me. Same goes with "Hot Air Balloon Ride" - NOPE! NEVER!

So let's see...

Write a script - CHECK!
Write a novel - CHECK!
Write a children's book - CHECK!
Go Camping - CHECK!
Do stand up - I'm married, does that count?
Visit a Renaissance Fair - ...and I dressed up... DORK!
See the Mona Lisa - CHECK!
Ride in a gondola in Venice - <- haven't done that yet! ONE!
Learn how to salsa - <- I REALLY want to learn to do this but am a coward... ok... TWO!
Witness a solar eclipse - CHECK!
Run a marathon - THREE!!!

now there's this whole "sporting" section like, swim the English Channel - no thanks - become a triathlete - I'd rather not - play golf... how about putt-putt?!

Hmm... let's see what else is there...

Canoeing, horseback riding, fishing - done, done, and done....
Learn how to spell... still working on that!
I know what you're thinking. Why is she looking at other peoples list? 
Shouldn't I have my own list of things I want to accomplish before I die?
I do - but when it's late and I'm tired - my brain ceases to work so I need a little encouragement from the outside world...
But here are a few things I would like to do before I die:

- I would like to get my son to stop being a spaz when he should be napping
- find/create the ultimate salsa recipe and the ultimate hot sauce recipe
- Rome, Athens, Tuscany, St. Petersburg, Reykjevik, Prague, Stockholm, Dublin (to name a few)
- Learn a second language
- Own an in-ground pool
- Get my pilots license (planes, please stop falling out of the sky now. Thanks)
- Buy a bar
- 1970's Chevelle
- Run a marathon
- Accept the fact that I'll never have an ice cream sundae again - at least not with real ice cream
- Have my batman comic published by DC
- Write an album
- Waterfall shower
- Live on a tropical island for 6 months and only wear a bikini the entire time
- Walk a red carpet at a movie premier or award ceremony  
- Tell my 6th grade teacher to stick it 
- Tell my 12th grade science teacher Thank You
- Be an extra on Doctor Who

So that's a good place to start.

Right now, I'm going to find a little snack and then shuffle off to bed.

Tomorrow. I write!

Have a good night!


  1. Looks like you have a great list going there.

    Nice blog - I happened upon your site through the BEEZE's bloglist - keep up the great work!

  2. Love the BEEZE! Thanks for reading!

  3. Hell of a list...A new thing I'm adding to my list...Start a website with you and bwsmith that will make us all rich!

  4. maybe we should get started on that ASAP :)
    Just let me know what you need me to do and it's done!