Monday, June 8, 2009

The lemmings dance around the court jesters feet - did you ever think it could be this grand?

The mythology of life is usually much more interesting that what life really is.  Stories.  Gossip.  Tell a friend = Telephone...

There are so many preconceived ideas of what really should be it almost a wonder anyone ever succeeds at what they strive for in life.  So many hurdles are thrown in your path because you "heard" a story as a child and then you decided it must be law and that law is suddenly your life.

Folk tales, books, the bible are all sources for some of these beliefs.  The notion that someone or something will "smite" you if you don't act a certain way or live your life in a certain order.

The dawn of cinema and television only made it worse - because with just the black and white of printed words you still had the option to conjure up images of your own, then they added one or two illustrations, suddenly the pains began to grown - but we survived and moved forward - then... TV... just throw in the towel and watch how other people think you should live your life... and the craziest part? People do it... THAT is just amazing to me. 

In this modern era, there is no reason to think, feel or do things on your own - television shows and feature length "block busters" spell it out for you.  Tell you exactly how someone else's belief system works and then suggest that you replace theirs with your own.  That is what its there for.  The entertainment value is always underlined with some subliminal message that if you're doing certain things - you are wrong.  Dead wrong.  So wrong that it's amazing you can stand on your own two feet and hold a fork in your hand... 

Don't get an umbrella for that storm - YOU'LL BE STRUCK BY LIGHTENING!!

In the 1600's people were set here, packed like sardines in creaky old wooden shipping vessels to work as indentured servants, working the land for their freedom, to slowly but surly work off loans they had made with wealthy British aristocrats.  Then, as our country grew, year by year, day by day - historical events like the Spanish Inquisition forced others to come here - to make the "new world" their home.  Being persecuted for their religious beliefs, beliefs that were different from the Catholic or Anglican church - it was something our fore fathers were against.

You know.

Until they could persecute others for not holding their beliefs. 
(Salem Witch Trials to the L.A. Riots)

It's amazing that this country is still standing after so many years.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, I lift my lamp beside the golden door...  you know - unless we don't agree with you... then you should just go away.  BECAUSE YOU ARE BAD!

Human nature has always been the same.  It beyond irks me when someone says the old, "it was so much simpler when..." crap speech. It has never been simple, it will never be simple. It's just different. End of story.

Here is the gist of it.  The strong kid bullies the weaker one, and when and if the weaker one grows strong enough - they bully someone weaker then them.

You can be "just" and "honorable" but in the end it's all a joke - because as long as we allow ourselves to be told what to do or how to think - as long as someone else is "singing the tune" we want to hear - regardless of the truth of the situation, the masses are going to buy it.


A thousand years ago I worked at a book store.  When I went out, people asked me what I "did" (what does that even mean?) I sold merchandise, predominately books.  All kinds.  Kids, adults, erotica, photo, comic, sci/fi, fiction, romance - books.

"I only read New York Time best sellers."  some girl bragged to me.


Just because one THOUSAND people have bought it doesn't mean its a good book. It only means that Oprah endorsed it.

"I think they explained it perfectly in the movie."  another customer told me.


It's a movie - it's fiction.  You didn't go see In the Time of Butterflies. You saw some piece of crap "summer" movie that was created solely to get your sorry ass into a seat and give them $10 a pop. Fiction means fake - if you want fact, turn on the history channel or open a book.


It's mind numbing when I hear it. It's like watching the court jester dance in circles because the king or queen said he'd lose his head otherwise. Foolish. Idiotic. Imbecilic. Moronic. Silly. Senseless...

I could do this all night.

I stand here, silenced, for there are no words to truly describe all that I have in my head right now.  My lips remain muted, except for a moment of laughter, stupefied by all of it.

Your mother asked you when you where a child, "Would you jump off a bridge if so-and-so did?"

Bet you didn't mean to say yes, but some how I'm watching you squeeze your eye shut and step off the ledge.

The mythology of life is just that - a myth - formed from stories that are derived from crazy people who talk to themselves all the time... I know.  I'm one of them.
Yes, it's true. The mundane dance we preform every day for the kings and queens in our lives keep our heads attached - but surly you must realized that there is nothing left inside when you do this dance too long. 

Everyone talks about freedom of speech - what about freedom of thought? The freedom to individuality? The freedom to realize when you're being fed a pile of crap... 

Are the shackles too tight yet? Be careful, they'll begin to chafe soon, and then what? Here's hoping there is anti-bacterial ointment in your delusion... 

Is that what you want? Is that what you laid in bed and dreamt of so late at night when you were a mere child just realizing this world existed at all?

When I grow up I wanna be just like everyone else...? Safety in conformity. Oh modern thought, how modern are you? Maybe if I watch the View tomorrow they'll let me know.


I'll say it now... pull the plug on me please.
Slip the noose around my neck.
Because I'd much rather jerk to a quick stop than land on a lemming. 

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