Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Never gonna give, never gonna give... give you up... yes I am!

I read a lot these days.  This is actually not something new in my life. I've always been a reader. Yes, the types of things I read these days are a bit different, I tend to read more young adult books than anything, not the comic books I used to devour a few years back, but I've read some wonderful stories, and that I wouldn't change.

The whimsy of these stories offer forgetting adulthood and that, to me, is a blessing in whatever guise it presents itself. 

Plus, the massive amounts of books I own tend to be where I get all of my extended education from.

I have never been big on formal education. It's not that I don't respect it, I do, most earnestly, but it was always hard for me. I had no gray area, either I totally and completely understood a subject or I didn't and it was like slamming my head against the wall to make it compute. Oddly, English was one of those subjects, I suppose that means I'm not at a total loss...

That is where reading came in.

In my own "Good Will Hunting" kind of way I learned things by reading about them - and let's not forget about the internet. Not sure about a topic - Google it. (Or if you've been online as long as I have, "Ask Jeeves" or "Infoseek" - Ask is still around.)

I've become the queen of useless knowledge over the years due to this. That was merely a side effect of feeling so insecure that I felt the need to attempt to know everything. As if that is even possible... but it's fun at parties when I can ramble off random facts about things no one ever considered knowing about.

The massive down side?

I know a little about a lot of things but not a lot about anything certain. This, as you may imagine, sometimes messes with me. Oh, the love of messing with my own head!

My husband always calls an abundance of useless knowledge about one certain topic a "gift." Like his gift is you can ask him about any television show that was aired between the years of 1983-1991 and chances are he can tell you what network and time slot it was aired on.

I like to tell him how I used to go "outside" and how I "had a life." He likes to laugh at this and tell me how he did too - still, I don't believe him! In the end, it may not be equivalent to reciting off 36 numbers of pi, but its something more than I can do, that's for sure! Kudos to him for that.

Still I keep reading.

Outside of books I come on here and read - all the time. I may not leave a comment, you may not know I've ever even stopped by, but I do read the people that follow me, that leave me comments or that I follow and then a few others (that I can't figure out how to follow.) I love the different personalities I come across and they way people I don't know articulate their thoughts about life and what naught. Intriguing to say the lease. 

(*side note: thank you to all the people that read my little rants)

When people tell me that life was simpler year ago before all of this free information I can understand what they are saying, but I wouldn't change it for all the world. Yes, the masses being able to self-publish their every thought may be watering down the market and muddling things up for the more sophisticated and traditional authors, but great change is a great thing. So I don't think that the "masses" are that much of a bad thing, not in all of it's entirety. (I do have to face the fact that blogging, in a way, is the reality tv of the writing world... but still.)

But I'm going to keep reading my books and my blogs - the most non-traditional form of education know to man to date!

I did have a point to all of this, but since I've begun this rant two cars have been driving up and down my street blaring music.  The first car is leaning towards something like 50 cent, but the second car... Rick Astley... who the hell blares Rick Astley?! (I'm gonna give you up... son of a...)
So I officially lost my train of thought.

Rick Astley... really?
Kids these days and their retro bad music! Whatever happy to zydeco? Not there are some great beats! ...I'm just kidding... I'm sorry ...good night...

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