Thursday, July 16, 2009

Avast matey! Grrr argg!

Sometime I wonder where this life of mine is taking me.
I wonder if this journey will lead me to the dreams I've always wanted
or will it end poorly...??

Then I think how much I just don't want to know.
Where's the fun in that?!
Knowing too much takes away all the fun... 

I tell my son whenever I take him out that we're going on an "adventure"
Hardware store
Every moment is an adventure

I also tell him to be brave

And then I feel foolish because I forget to do those things myself
Live my life likes its an adventure
and be brave when the moments are low...

Life is as simple as you let it be or as difficult as you allow it - but when there's is an adventure! Ahh! Then, my dear little friends, then it's always worth it!

Never forget to count the stars
Never forget to be brave
And never forget to forget all the bad stuff

all these ideas, just dancing in my head!
time to write
time to dream...

till the next adventure - sweet dreams


  1. wow

    this is beautiful

    I admire how the words flow from your imagination

    they touch mine

  2. thank you so much! I truly hope you have an adventure today - a fun one at that!