Monday, July 13, 2009

crotch rockets, books and pushing on

my eyes are burning, my television is on
I should be doing one thousand other things
but instead I'm listening to the interstate

when summer hits, when the first nice days turn into nice nights they show up - the crotch rockets

everything on this planet has it's own voice, a sound that is distinct to its nature. even things that are made of metal - especially things that are made of metal

the crotch rocket is no different. the motor revs then it hums its high pitch sound...

I sat here so many nights with the windows closed tight and the interstate muffled by the snow
winter brings silence - isolation

I find I long for the sound of the interstate and I know I'll never be truly comfortable with only silence - the silence the country brings with it.

the city is inside of me, in my veins. the sounds. smells. the dirt.

I appreciate the country, the trees, fresh water - starry night skies

but still 
at one A.M.
I'd much rather hear the crotch rockets

I had a good weekend. It re energized me about writing and pushing forward to do what I need to do in order to reach the goals I have recently set for myself. I now sit here working on this little piece for this moment, because in just one more I need to write for an hour so I can go to bed. Tomorrow, who knows...
I should make a list of things I need to accomplish to keep moving:
  • water the garden
  • water the house plants
  • clean/re-organize the office
  • clean/re-organize the attic
  • finish work project
  • finish typing for the husbands mom
  • finish chapter 3
  • outline comic idea
  • outline script idea
  • watch Warehouse 13 and do review
And that's just for tomorrow... OH! I also have two websites to start... 
I always tell my husband we should hire a maid and a nanny - personally I'd just like to be independently wealthy so I can hire Lloyd from Entourage. In my opinion he's the best personal assistant ever.

And he's cute. I want to smush him. Yes, I want to smush the gay asian man from Entourage.

But sadly here is the reality of tomorrow.
  • wake up 
  • workout
  • check email
  • retrieve child from parents
  • feed child chicken (oh, my kids is not a vegetarian. suddenly I wonder how much longer I'll be a vegetarian. not being a copout - its hard when you're the one cooking the food.)
  • work - for the job that pays the bills
  • clean
  • play with the child
  • attempt to clean some more
  • play with husband
  • watch assigned shows for blog
  • write blog
For now I'm going to go to sleep.
No I'm not.
For now I'm going to work on something I want to work on THEN I'll go to sleep.
After the snoring stops.

And before I go - here are my 15 books:

Women - Charles Bukowski
Love is a Dog From Hell - Charles Bukowski
The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexander Dumas
Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card
Siddhartha - Herman Hess
The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd
The Divine Comedy - Dante Alighieri
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
the plays of Anton Checkhov
Wide Sargasso Sea - Jean Rhys
The Shadow Wife - Dorothy Eden

This is me adding a few more - 

Madam Bovary by Gustav Flaubert
I am Legend by Richard Matheson (this book should have never been made into a movie)

There are so many books I love that have had an impact on me I could do this all night...

Good night!

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