Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mind Set

I came undone
I didn't even know it
too busy looking
the other way
trying to find
that never meant anything
it never could

the days have turned to weeks
the years are building
everything moving forward
even when I want it to stop
If I fight it 
for a moment
it's just better than nothing

most things I don't fight
for or against
most things I just don't care
enough about

but now

it feels so nice
my heart all warm
my mind at ease
I was drowning 
then gasping 
and now I smile

just know
If you ever stop looking
when it doesn't feel right
that feeling in your gut
keeping you awake 

let it go
it's not worth it

I came undone
I didn't even know it
but I was bless
even just for a moment
I'll take that moment
I'll take me

black and white and in color
and luckily out of my mind

the best things in the world
are the little ones
that make you
change your view