Monday, July 6, 2009

My blogging life!

The down side of having a blog is also the upside of having one... it's the whole "half full, half empty" thing - I can come onto here and look at the list of blogs I've posted and see my life - ALL OF IT - for the last 6 months, just laid out in front of me.

This is what I like to call, "My Blogging Life!!" and yes, at times I switch out the world BLOG for another much more colorful swear word that would fit famously in the same spot.

Almost a month back I decided to do a print preview on here. Curious, I wanted to know just how much I had compiled since January 13th.  I came up with 179 pages.

A novel. 
Siddhartha is only 160 pages long.
Shopgirl is only 144...

At 179 pages I have pretty much ran the gambit of life. Every emotion, well the ones I care about, laid out here before you. I hope I haven't fallen too low or grown too annoying, but then again I suppose if I have, you probably are not reading this right now are you? HA!


I'm part of a writing group that meets once a month and this month will mark the second consecutive month I can not make it. 

It's rather hard to get the support you need when you're not there...

So my cousin and I are planning on starting another group that would meet bi-monthly. I want to integrate it online too - that way you can still seek the support you need, even if you need that support at 2am. Or if you can't go because you're on a plane or going to your niece's 4th birthday party!
If this is some thing you would be interested in participating shoot me an email. (if that link doesn't work just head over to my profile and you can email me from there. I get a lot of spam so please put "RE: Writer's Group" in the subject line, thanks!)

The super scary world of being a writer can wear on anyone - even when it's only a blog that you're maintaining. I find I flitter and float all over the map as I give myself pep talks about how I have to keep going. I find 100 new ideas to have daily and then I puss out, because I'm good at that.

I do have a supportive husband and friends - but being a firm believer of the saying, "actions speak louder than words" the fact that most of the people who read this blog on a regular basis I have never met, or haven't seen in a better party of a decade, makes it hard at times.

And the neurotic side of me kicks the hell in and the speculations of why this and why that over flow... 

I speak of this blog from time to time to my husband. He had no idea I wrote it. He tells me that each and every time I bring it up. "What about your TV blog?"
"I write that one too, but I maintain my personal blog a bit more..."
"You have a personal blog?"

EVERY TIME! To the point it's just become a joke to me.

But like everything else in My BLOGGING Life - the up side is the freedom I feel, the freedom I elude myself into believing I have by assuming everything I stated above.

179 pages, now it's more like 200 I'm sure.
The epic novel of my impromput life - et tu Brute? Yes, yes... et tu...
Maybe with a little more support and my copy of Writer's Market I can get past all that, and help you get past it too!

I need to sleep.
Have a good night...


  1. I joined because of you...And you haven't gone since...But neither have I...I would totally get in on an online version.

  2. LOL! I know... I'll let you know when I get the online thing up and running!