Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh Tootsie! If only I could dress in drag to get a job...

Trying to find a job in this day and age is just impossible. I apply, and apply and apply - I suddenly know what Tammy Faye Baker's foundation must have felt like, tired and spread thin... (well, I'm assuming she layered)

I keep telling myself if I work at it, work on the writing, work on the blogs, the reviews, the stories, the never ending madness that has become my life I will at some point get to where I need to be.

Have you ever said the word purple over and over until you find yourself questioning what the hell a purple is... is it even a word?  

That's where I'm at.

Add to that my 9 month old is currently being "weaned" off his midnight feeding... a rather nice was to say at 1 am I get to listen to him cry and cry and cry until I feel so small it's unbelievable, and the cat that needs a home. The cat that no one wants...

So my stress levels are super duper high.

I come in and out of it all the time.
Happy Captain Bipolar's the name and slipping into crisis mode is my game!

I try to do odd jobs online but can't seem to find anything, getting out at night is just as hard - that's why the midnight feedings need to go... if he slept through the night... I could get a second job a night and not worry about my husband not getting any sleep.

Did you ever wonder how it all cumulated to this because I sure do...

So I'm off. I'm not going to find a job by sitting on here bubbling on about how frustrating it is to find a job in the first place now am I?

Didn't think so... 

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