Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer nights and a solar eclipse

This is my favorite time of day and my favorite time of year.

I love nothing more than sitting up around 1 am, in a t-shirt, with the window open or even outside. 71 degrees in the middle of the night, and most people are missing it to sleep. Lame.

I'm teasing, I'm a big fan of sleep - but last winter was just soo long I like to take in these minutes as much as I can.

During the day I have to work and tend to the family... and clean and clean and clean... 

I've been cleaning a lot lately. I think that cleaning is good for the soul. Until I met my husband I was very much a pack rat - I still won't throw away everything - waste not, want not! But I'm much better at realizing the things I can give away to people who need it more than me. 

It's just easier to function as a human being when you aren't being suffocated by piles of material items... does that make sense? Cluttered mind, cluttered heart... I don't want that, not with having this extra time. My son is now officially sleeping through the night, which is wonderful! It has opened the possibilities to us doing so many other things. Now I just need to finish cleaning and organizing and then I can DO those things! LOL!

I don't have any poems to post or even a short story... I'm also not feeling overly wise or so angry I need to vent. Something in me clicked on Saturday and it was nice and I feel normal, well, normal for me! LOL!

I have to get some work done and then go to sleep, but in case you don't know - on Wednesday there is a TOTAL ECIPSE OF THE SUN! July 22nd, 3 months before my 34th birthday... gulp...

but lets not think about that now... instead have have a good night and sweet dreams!

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