Friday, July 31, 2009

I was looking for a swaddling blanket for my 32 year old and found out at that age they're called a "straitjacket"

Have you ever done the right thing but you still feel shitty for doing it in the first place?

I have to admit, I'm a fan of "blurring" these overly pretentious, per-chosen lines the general population feels the need to remind me of every time I don't "act normal" (whatever the hell that is) but still, some times it's not about lines - its just something that needs to happen because you need to make your life better.

We're down to two cats today. The oldest one moved out this afternoon. Hopped up on diazepam, I placed him inside a cardboard carrier and sent him off to live with a new family. I had no choice.

He hates my son and if he ever did anything to harm him I would have ended up hurting him, which I don't want, but still.

I tried to explain to my hubby that life would be a wonderfully different place if we only fell in love with things that were nice. It would be a much easier world, that's for damn sure.

He pretended to agree with me, but you see - the cat ALSO hated my husband for the last 5 years. So he was overly joyed to see him go.

Add to that, like a smart woman, I watched The Children of Huang Shi directly before the cats departure - if you're into historic films this was a good one - but I was already teary and when he finally departed... I'm not proud world. I cried. A lot.

But then the night progressed and my son pooped all over the whole wide world and it was hot and a tiff between me and the hubby ensued and I thought about tying him up and putting him in the garage for a bit. But realized he can easily over power me due to the 11 inch difference in hight and the fact I also weigh about 80 lbs less then him - so I decided to just to drop it.

Over all, the straitjacket started sounding like a good option. 

If only I would have saved some of that diazepam and put it in his sundae... 


  1. Youcrack me up...I think my wife wante dto lock me up in the garage tonight too...But that was 'cause I wouldn't stop asking for a blow job!

  2. garages have many purposes! I just need to start pricing how much it would cost to have mine padded and sound proofed! :)