Saturday, August 29, 2009

21 - it's not 13 and it's not 7, but I still like it...

I decided to watch this movie tonight called "Lust, Caution"
I'm a fan of WWII films, especially ones from outside the states.

Perspective is a good thing

When you lock yourself into one side of the spectrum, you miss all the other pretty colors...

Ang Lee directed the film.
You may know him from Crouching Tiger or Brokeback Mountain

As for historical films revolving around a female character fighting for her "cause" I now have a top three - they are as follows:

"Lust, Caution"
"Black Book"
"Charlotte Gray"

British (american)

... (no comparing to my life) ...

I was reading about yoga
Personal stories that are there to help the transitional persons, as myself, make that transition onto the next level.
These stories boast lives that I know and help to gently show the path to the next level - the level of becoming a yogi.

And I love it

I look back at my life and I see certain things that I love
For a long time is was objects
I would do the, "it reminds me of so-n-so" crap
screw objects
they are just one more thing I have to clean

Everyone likes to say that life is like an onion
oh, I'm sorry
PEOPLE are like onions.  The creator of that saying meant "layered" but I still think that people are stinky... :)

Life is, in fact, layered
But still, there is that certain simplicity that is just... beautiful.

I can't say that "right and wrong" are "black and white"
all I can say is that sometimes when you make decisions you need to just follow your gut
that's why you have it
we over think too much
just like we over buy too much

objects can't make you happy

some say it's impetuous

I think it's solid resolve to just follow your gut and trust the fact that, yes, you may be wrong from time to time, but in the end - you're probably right.

Everyone screws up
Wouldn't you want forgiveness?

(now I'm sounding like I did something wrong...? no, but I made banana bread muffins!)

To sum of the movie it's about a young woman who decided to help the resistance take down a traitor Chinese man who is working with the Japanese in Japanese occupied China.

I watch these movies and think thing like, 
How can you sleep with a man for a year and then be expected to kill him?
I hope all those men out there understand what we, women, are willing to sacrifice in order to protect our beliefs, because when we enter the line of duty... no, we're not "fragile" but still - bad stuff, different stuff 

and then I think about just how damn lucky we are, in this country, to not know that kind of fate...

Today I learned that even when it's bad, there is that bit of good that we can take to move on, to move forward.

And now I'm going to go sit on my porch, before I've run out of days to do so... September is nearly here, summer is nearly over... and that makes me soooo sad... 

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