Monday, August 3, 2009

AW! Vampire go smoosh!

I was just sitting here, realizing that the world has been inundated with vampires and wondering if it will ever stop. You may think I would be happy about it, but the reality is I liked it better when I was "weird" for reading about vampire and horror and sci/fi and even comics for that matter.

Suddenly everything I love it main stream.

Mainstream = Annoying

Don't worry - I HAVE EXAMPLES!

Comic book movies are "totally cool" right now. In the past 9 years the made 2 Hulk movies, 2 Batman movies, 2 Punisher movies, 2 Iron Man, 3 Spider-man, Sin City, 300, Superman, Watchman, V is for Vendetta, The Spirit, 37 X-Men - now they want to do Captain America, The Avengers, The Green Lantern, Thor (G.I. Joe, Transformers, Dragonball Z) - and do you know what this has done for the comic book industry? Not much! 

Just check out Marvel's stocks... they're a sad, sad thing.

All it has done is bring great characters into crappy stories and cause mainstream morons to follow the movie version of something that was once great - and those people then tell the people who have been following comics FOR YEARS (fanboys/fangirls) that they don't understand.

Sure. Just like before when I wasn't cool because I read comics. Guess I was never meant to understand. 

Then there is my great love of Science Fiction. My twisted fervor for Sci/Fi movies, books, etc... well, I honestly can't tell you where that came from. I mean, I remember the first person who handed me a comic book and said - you have GOT to read this. It was Garth Ennis' Preacher series and my friends name was Peter.
But Sci/Fi isn't that simple. Maybe it's being born in the 70's when great movies like Star Wars, ET, Close Encounters, Sling Blade, Tron were all just off on the horizon - maybe I was seduced by zombies - I don't know, all I do know is now NBC is killing the Sci/Fi - Fantasy with things like Merlin and The Storm...

Thats just leads us back to Vampire. 

I read this great quote from Laurell K Hamilton, she is an author who writes about vampires, zombies and all other things that go bump in the night. Her books are for adults, not this 13 year old "Twilight" crowd. (In advance I don't hate Twilight, but it's just not my thing. I read all the books, why? Because I can tell you, with much affirmation, it's not my thing...) But I've read a bunch of the Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter series put written by Miss Hamilton. (I also think that some of the basic layout of True Blood was brought on by suggestion from the Anita Blake series too.) 

So! The quote! "...The fact that women are so attracted to that idea-that they want to wait for Prince Charming rather than taking control of their own life- is what I find frightening..."
She had been asked about the Bella/Edward characters, and that was her response. I agree with her. Romance is nice, but come on!

Once again, the idea of something I've loved and cherished for many moons - is now main stream. Its slightly sad because I now realize I have to add "vampire" to the list of things I won't talk about, which also include (but aren't limited too): Politics, Religion, Abortion and Racism.

That is lame dear world. Super duper lame!

I like dark creepy vampires, the things that go bump in the night. I've always had issues with the over romanticising of vampires - and I put that all on Bram Stoker and his Victorian images of a Count and his chase pictorial of his "teeth" piercing her virginal soft "skin" causing her to bleed. That was just a sign of the times, look at Flaubert's Madame Bovary - that book is just riddled with sexual metaphors - part of the reason I love that book.

Anyone can say, "and they had sex"
It takes a poet to make it into a full chapter and at the end you're still not 100%, your mind is racing - it's beautiful.

The transition moved ahead a long time off - with Interview. Anne Rice introduces us to the "Southern" vampire - which seems to keep coming up these days... but that doesn't bother me as much as the teenage vampire. Actually, what bothers me is when I go into nerd-overdrive and people correct me because of recent times. Twilight. Sookie Stackhouse. Vampire Diaries. Interview with a Vampire.

Just because a book is on the New York Times Best Seller list, doesn't mean it's a good book. It just means that a lot of people bought it. 

I think the history of the lore is the most interesting thing on the planet. Human nature at its finest! Can't figure out the problem - make up a reason! Want your kids to behave? Tell them about the undead!

Regardless of how cute I found Spike to be on Buffy, they are supposed to be that shadow behind your door. That creepy thing you only see just before it's too late! Like the IRS or Ninjas... 

OMG! What if the IRS hired Ninjas?'re right, time for sleep...
Good night!


  1. If the IRS hired Ninjas! That's great!

    I'm glad you said it...I'm sick of the Vampire crap...The only Vampires I want to see ar the ones that scare the sh!t out of you...

    And all the "Super Hero" movies based off of comics is getting tired...Some are good about sticking to the story...But when they do that, most dummies don't get it...

    I've always loved your rage...though it does scare me.

  2. just like a ninja?!

    If people weren't so damn irritating... well, I guess I'd have less to talk about@