Monday, August 17, 2009

Creative Writing Group - UPDATE!

Sorry this has taken so long, but! HERE IT IS!

The creative writing group should be up and running by the end of next month.

If you are in the Cleveland area and would like to participate, meetings will be twice a month and we plan on trying to find a place that will allow us (local writers) the chance to read our tales in public!

Scary AND exciting!

For all of you NOT in the Cleveland area, I will be doing a companion site online.

The group will be an open forum and we intend to list excercises to help the creative juices flow. I also intend to have a "blog" section that will allow the writers a chance to post a piece of their work if they should so desire, and then you can also just email other members for feed back.

In advance - this group is meant to be constructive and positive - not overly analytical. What I mean by that, is we are not trying to be your editor. 

Think AA for writers.

A safe place that offers support and a shoulder to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself as a writer.

If you don't want to post, you don't have to.
If you want to post all the time - go for it!

I do plan on attempting to get speakers every few months, other writers and members of the writing industry to help answer questions you may have that we can't answer for you, like:
  • do you need an agent
  • how much is too much for an editor
  • how can you find someone to illustrate your children's/comic book
  • and so on and so forth
If there is anything you would like this group to help you with specifically, just comment or email me. Any and all comments or suggestions are more than welcome. Multiple sets of eyes will help all of us get what we are looking for - the finished product.

At this moment we do not have a name for the group - and names like "Write Club," or "Writers Anonymous" have been taken - so name ideas would be great too!

All genres of writers are welcome! 
The more the merrier!

If you know of anyone looking for a writing group, please tell them about us.


Hope everyone is well!


  1. I'm in!

    You may want to check out Bella Dubby on Madison in Lakewood...The owners are cool and always looking for new ways to draw people in...You can get coffee or beer there...Or BOTH!

  2. That's the perfect place! I'll be sure to check them out! I love that place. I go there to write from time to time.