Tuesday, August 4, 2009

keep moving

silence softly scuttles by
air vent loud and cold
up and down, crazy madly
so I'm told
each step moves quickly
ground unsafe
sinkholes at my feet
could it be any other way
innoxious little me
so much vastness 
a would be life
taunts and pokes 
at me
standing laconic
looking back at what is left to see
I squeeze my eyes
clench my jaw
my fist, and everything 
I jump, each time, before I look
safety, like everything else
just a perception
its learn history
shoot first 
ask questions later
it may be messy
but I know
it's me
standing here
stopping there
so much time
as limited as I let it be

scuttling softly
by the by
there is nothing left to see

~the end~

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