Thursday, August 27, 2009


realizing that there's so much more to come

reading the inside of the wrappers from Dove chocolate

accepting who you are for yourself

understanding that you can let someone in your heart, but leave them out of your life

knowing that you'll be there for the ones you love, even if they're not

waiting for the right moment

that first day when it smells of fall

rustling leaves and crickets

small grumping noises from down the hall

dark chocolate brownies covered in pumpkin spice white chocolate

feel good moments you share with no one

find the mama (a.k.a. hide and go seek)


the ability to see past your ego

the willingness to be okay with it

that second when it clicks

and the freedom that follows

doing the hard things even when you don't want to

pearl's vegetable pad-thai, extra peanuts and lime

attempting to read your tea leaves - even when you don't know how

good humor

good beer

good poetry

no, great poetry

knowing that not being there doesn't mean you're missing something

hearing all the stories of how much fun they had


homemade tomato sauce from homegrown tomatoes



the perfect dress

getting over yourself

crying in your wheaties

chocolate (the movie)

pressing your nose to your knee


perfectly roasted marshmallows

twilight in the wilderness - by Fredrick Church

Glenn Miller Band - Moonlight Serenade

1970 Chevelle SS


letting them talk

knowing what is said when you're not there isn't your business



bath time

napping in the doorway 

wind chimes

being silly



living life

and saying thank you.

thank you!

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