Sunday, August 30, 2009

The score: Today - 1, Me - 0

The day started off relatively fine.
At 6:30 I was woken by a sound that can only be compared to an old western. You know that scene, in the jail, the dirty cowboy starts running his empty tin cup against the bars to catch his jailers attention?
Same type of sound, the only major differences:
Dirty Cowboy - Dirty child
Tin Cup - empty bottle
Jail bars - crib

Mostly this makes me laugh, because it makes him laugh.

It really wasn't a bad start.
We ate some breakfast, watched some stuff, read a bit and then he went to take his morning nap around 10 - just as his daddy woke up. 

I don't know when it took a turn
I thought the sneezing was due to the cat hair
It never occurred to me that he could have a cold

snot everywhere

There were moments, but pushed through
That is until about 20 to 10 - when he woke up screaming, and then wouldn't go back to sleep...
Is it wrong for a kid to watch the HBO Sunday line-up?


He's asleep now and I'm tired

Today was August 30th
And it started strong
Some roller coaster issues with my emotion and the fact it's been pointed out to me that I talk about yoga too much [insert annoyance here - theirs. I'm fine.]
But over all, it was fine

Worked out a few short story ideas on top of all that and I worked on this, well, I did in my head - so this isn't what I intended on talking about.

I vaguely remember it being much more profound
sadly now I only feel profane

such is life...
such is life...

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