Thursday, August 6, 2009

Unity! As one we stand together...

I was lent a book to read today, maybe you know it, it's called Dharma Punx. It's the story of a fellow Gen-x'r and his life in the scene.

He was west coast, which means he hit the scene in L.A. - and that means Hardcore.

"Hardcore? Right? Hardcore, right Bob? Right? Right? F*ck your sister? Right Bob? Hardcore?" <- knew this kid once. He was the 'get high before a show' kinda guy, which meant, in a few months he was the 'get high all the time guy.'

I was always the driver.  Well... mostly.  I like my drink.  Always have, always will. 

Anyway, I just started the book about an hour ago, so I'm only like 30 pages in... how can I explain this...hmmm...?

Have you ever gone back to someplace you haven't been in a long while, life just happened and suddenly it was 3 years later? But when you get back inside and you smell that smell and you see those things, your heart sighs - there is a flutter in your belly and you know, right then, you are finally home?

Man I miss my home...

Gonna go read. Good night... 


  1. ahhh...just a little after the Dead Kennedys and maybe even Suicidal Tendencies

    the LA punk scene kept going, where NYC seemed to stall in the Gen-X era

  2. Yeah, I agree... CBGBs moved to vegas... sad in so many ways