Friday, September 11, 2009

all that yelling in my head

I couldn't quiet the voices today
Let's be honest
I can't say I really tried
They are running mad
Like the unattended children on my street

The screaming
I just want peace

Then I yell back
Full conversations
Bickering with a negative tone
Reminders of what is wrong with the world
What is wrong with me
And most defiantly, you

at some point
It turns
Simple ringing in my ears

Slight faded
Still right there

But it turns
My voice turned against me

Once you learn how to turn it off
You find you get angry, faster
Before you accept you are choosing
To leave it on
The yelling

More punishment
For breathing the same
Air as you
For being alive

The final turn?
Twist the globe in your hand
Look inside at yourself
Stop catagorizing
Step back

Then breathe

It's done
Soft and free

they won

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