Friday, September 25, 2009

I Never

I never expected much from life
Mostly, I just wanted to "be"
I wanted to be happy
To be sane
To be allowed to be me
I never expected to be president
I never wanted a burden so big
I never wanted to be celebrated as a doctor or a diplomat
But a lawyer
Ahh, yes. I once looked towards law
And then I moved on
I justed wanted to be happy again
I just wanted for people I loved to smile
But when you only operate at low levels
Suddenly "to be" isn't all it's cracked up to be
Not due to a 1000 different thing
Just due to all the nothings that pile up
When you refuse to choose
A path
I never realized how complicated
I made my life
By trying to just be
I'd rather it be comicated for something more
Today, I never thought I'd label myself, I just want to he a writer
I just want to teach yoga
I just want to be something
Because i'll never want to look back at this life
And say "I sure wish..."
No. Not me.
I never expected that it would take
So much
To make me see
But I do
And I am
And I'll be
So good bye indifference
No more skating by
I'll never
Do that
Now when I just want to be
It means so much more

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